A mother who let her two sons sleep in her bed has had them taken away by court.

Two boys under four have been taken away from their mother by a family court in the UK, after concerns were raised over violence and co-sleeping, The Telegraph reports.

The boys have been placed up for adoption after social workers raised several concerns and found bruises on the pair.

Judge Peter Greene said their mother was dismissive of professionals and had rejected advice about feeding and co-sleeping.

Concerns were raised when the eldest child had bruises on his leg when he was just months old.

The youngest boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also had bruises on his body and a broken wrist when he was months old.

At a private hearing in Cambridgeshire, Judge Greene said that one of the children was unintentionally injured by his father’s use of “excessive force”.

The other child was hurt by “rough, abrupt” handling by his mother, The Telegraph reports.

He said the boys’ mother was “brusque and physically forceful” with her children and ignored advice against co-sleeping.

Judge Greene said the parents loved their children but he was concerned for their safety and adoption was the only realistic option.