Dad comes up with a genius way of clipping dog's nails. Becomes our new hero.

We’d like to introduce you to our new hero.

His name is Patrick Peifer, he’s from Minnesota in the United States, and he might be about to win the Nobel Peace Prize for Doggo Inventiveness.

You see, Patrick came across a little problem when he attempted to clip his French Bulldog’s nails.

Oliver, the adopted pupper, is a very good boy but he doesn’t like having his nails clipped and moves around a lot when the nail clippers come anywhere near him.

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So Patrick had to get a lil’ bit creative.

He bought a handbag from an op shop, cut some holes in it, and hung it from some gym equipment on a door frame.

The result? A pretty nifty dog hanger, perfect for nail clipping sessions.

Patrick’s daughter, Kendal, shared some photos of her dad’s doggo nail clipping hack on Twitter.


“He saw the idea to hang a dog from a doorway to clip nails… so he bought the purse to be cheaper,” she told Buzzfeed.

“It was his DIY project for the night.”

Kendal’s tweet has since been retweeted over 82,000 times and many people have commented on her dad’s inventiveness and, erm, relationship status.



While others shared their own little doggo grooming hacks: