ROADTEST: 5 women try the new Clinique foundation that’s powered by 3 serums.

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Finding a foundation that ticks all the right boxes is no mean feat. We all want something that covers imperfections, matches our skin tone correctly, and still leaves our skin feeling like skin.

Enter: Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF 20.

Clinique's latest foundation is their first to include three serum technologies. Hyaluronic acid for hydration, salicylic acid to smooth out texture and Vitamin C to brighten. Plus, it has medium to full coverage with 24-hour wear.

Now, we could harp on about this foundation for hours explaining exactly what it does, but instead, we got five women to try it.

Here are five women reviewing the Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF 20.


If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I love nothing more than a dewy base. A quick five minutes with me in person and you'll learn that I can't live without my Vit C serum (#helloinstantglow). So, when I was asked to try this foundation and I found out it had not one, not two, but THREE different types of Vitamin C in the ingredient list, I was pretty damn excited. 

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Spoiler alert: she's a goodie and here's why. First up, I immediately noticed the texture. Slightly thicker than I'm used to but the undertone was perfect. Now let's talk coverage: one pump in and the foundation had evened out my complexion, concealed my dark circles AND blemishes which meant I could skip on concealer. I was still left with a nice, healthy, skin glow.

I ended up wearing this one for eight hours and it barely moved.

If you like a satin finish that's high coverage, then definitely add this to your list. I will caveat, however, that this dries down quick; so make sure you blend in within a couple of seconds of applying it.


I've always struggled to find the perfect foundation. As someone with both oily and dry skin, it's hard to find a finish that sits nicely in between those two extremes. Plus, finding my exact shade has never been easy.


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When I went to find my shade on the Clinique website, all I had to do was pop in the foundation I currently wear, what shade it is and they instantly matched me to a colour. And guess what? It matched my skin like a dream.

Now, onto the formula. This foundation has a lightweight texture and a medium to full coverage finish. It covered all my redness and blemishes, leaving an almost airbrushed look. Plus, it's not too mattifying or too luminous; it had the perfect satin finish. I wore it for an entire day and I didn't have to touch up once (I usually have to around 3pm)! Lastly, my skin could actually breathe and didn't feel weighed down by the product. As it includes the three serums, my skin noticeably felt and looked smooth, even and hydrated. All in all, I already love this foundation. It ticks all my boxes.


This foundation isn’t like anything I’ve ever tried before. Dermatologist-developed, it actively improves discolouration, dark spots and even skin tone with every wear. It has the texture of a BB cream, but once applied it finishes like a satin medium coverage foundation.

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What I really liked about this foundation is that it looks like skin. I applied with my flat top foundation brush in a buffing motion and it left my skin looking airbrushed. It’s also buildable, so in places where I have hyperpigmentation, I just added a little bit more and I was left with a flawless finish.

Over the weekend, I wore it for about 12 hours on both Saturday and Sunday in 29-degree good ol' humid Sydney weather and it held up pretty well (even with a face mask!). 

I didn’t feel the need to touch up - just a little bit of blotting of sweat and oil. Plus, there wasn’t too much transfer of foundation left in my mask.

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You’ll love this formula. The perfect lightweight, yet buildable foundation for summer.


I have quite dry and sensitive skin so day-to-day I generally go makeup-free to let my skin breathe. So I was excited to try Clinique's new serum foundation which promises to do all the good things for my skin (a new but ever-increasing concern now that I'm 30) AND help cover up blemishes and redness that often flare up at the most inopportune times.

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The foundation felt so light to wear and didn't give me that clogged pore feeling. It also gave me good coverage and a subtle glow without looking oily - perfect for everyday wear!

Best of all, it didn't irritate my skin which can get angry after wearing foundation for too many days in a row. I can see this becoming my go-to for everyday wear.


My skin texture and dark spots are two things that I've been trying to improve for the last six months so I was keen to try this foundation.

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It was lightweight, had great coverage, was very buildable and gave me a dewy glow. It was the perfect shade too.

I applied it around lunchtime and after a night out with friends I didn't get to my nighttime skincare routine. The following morning, it still looked great, my skin wasn't clogged and it still felt smooth. I will be honest, I went and got a coffee with the same makeup on. This will definitely be incorporated into my skincare routine happily. 101/10!

Like what you’ve read? Try it out yourself. Visit your nearest Clinique counter to receive a free 10-day trial of Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation.

*T&C's apply: One per customer, available at David Jones & Myer, while supplies last.

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Forget everything you know about foundation. Meet new Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF 20. With 3 serum technologies, it’s foundation that makes bare skin look even better. Yes, it has a long-wearing, satin-soft finish. No, it’s not just foundation. Because this breakthrough formula leaves skin looking more even, smoother, and more hydrated, even after you take it off. Available at, Myer, David Jones, Mecca, Sephora (7th April), Adore Beauty and selected Terry White and independent Pharmacies. Clinique. Just Happy Skin.