What your Christmas present unwrapping style really says about you.


After all that trouble and effort your friends and relatives have gone to in order to present you with a perfectly wrapped gift, it seems a bit disrespectful to just tear it open, right?

You should be IN the moment, take time to ENJOY the process, approach each piece of sticky tape and each fold of the wrapping paper like a signal of their regard for you.

And who knows? You may be able to reuse some of it. I mean, it’s such lovely wrapping paper, such a gorgeous bow, and a bit of white-out on that Christmas card and it will be as good as new.

Not to mention the envelope.

Or, you can rip into that thing like a hungry bear who’s just come out from hibernation and found a roast at the door of his bear cave.

Admit it, it’s way more fun to rip.