One mum asks: How many presents should I give my kids this Christmas?

With Christmas fast approaching, many Australian families are already in full-on planning mode.

That means menus are starting to be prepped, the food ordering is well underway and gift lists are being written and sent to Santa and Rudolph at the North Pole.

One mum has shared her Christmas planning dilemma with others, asking just how many presents her children should expect to be opening come Christmas Day.

“What is your ideal number of gifts per child?” she asked in a post on parenting forum Mumsnet that’s since been removed.

“Previous years I have just bought as I saw fit but having two kids this year I want them to have same number things.

“Is 10 things each to open on Christmas morning enough?”

Naturally, the question sparked fierce debate among readers, with some saying 10 was far too many, and others saying the number wasn’t nearly enough.

“Ten things?! Crikey, mine are only getting 2-3 things, and a filled stocking,” one parent wrote.

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“I think the more you give them the more they expect.”

One mum said that the number was “plenty” and “just right”.

Others still said they were now feeling “embarrassed” by the consensus that 10 presents was a reasonable amount of gifts to give for Christmas.

“I actually feel embarrassed by how much mine get,” one mum wrote.

“I’m relieved some people had said higher numbers,” shared another.

“I don’t think 20-30 is a lot when that includes a couple of pairs of pyjamas, a few dresses, some books etc.”

children opening presents christmas
"I counted, mum, and there are only nine presents here. What gives?" Image via Getty.

Despite the drama, some parents offered up useful Christmas gift 'hacks' they use when it comes to gift-wrapping, with many agreeing that half the fun for kids on Christmas morning was just unwrapping things rather than relishing in expensive toys.

"[My kids usually get] one expensive present each, 2-3 affordable ones, lots of little bits that were under [$10]. I even wrap stocking fillers," one mum shared.

Others said that their technique for 'present picking' was less about quantity, and more about quality.

"I've never gone by number of presents, I've always gone by how much I've spent and try to keep them all roughly the same amount," one parent wrote.

"As they get older, though, the piles definitely get smaller."

It's worth remembering that Christmas isn't really about the presents. It's about arguing with family over a slice of turkey and some prawns. Obviously.

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