'I've already spent over $5,000': 10 women on how much Christmas actually costs them.

It's (almost) that time of the year. 

The lights are being strung, the trees are being decorated and the shopping carts are being filled. 

Yep, Christmas is right around the corner (and we can almost taste the pavlova).

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While we no-doubt all deserve a break this year, the celebrations don't always come cheap.

From food to presents and the all-important Christmas day outfit, the cost can certainly rack up.

Speaking to Mamamia's daily news podcast The Quicky, Melinda Redzepi shared that she's already spent over $5,000 on presents for her children alone. 

"I’ve probably spent just over five grand. I’ve got three kids, so that’s all on them at the moment. Then at the end of the next week or two before Christmas, I’d say it’d be well over seven grand... Just for gifts on kids," she said.

"It warms your heart to see how excited they get," she added.


Melinda also shared what they'll be getting.

"So my older son who's five, he loves Lego. He's into all the Super Mario Lego and Lego Nintendo. So he's pretty much got the entire of the Lego Super Mario for Christmas. He's got the Lego Nintendo worth $500, they've got bikes, my daughter has a kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids... a lot of things," she said.

"There are dolls, cars, some designer clothing. She's actually got a Gucci bag, which I know I'll be judged on for getting a one-year-old a Gucci bag but that's okay," she added. 

Now, to see what other people are spending this year, we decided to speak to the Mamamia community.

Here's what nine other women will be spending this Christmas.

Maddie - $150.

"Around $150. I can't go home to WA for my usual massive family Christmas (that always completely bankrupts me lol), so this year I am just spending the day on the beach with my Aunt and Uncle (my only relatives here in Sydney) and will buy them a pressie to say thanks for adopting me for the day! We will probably just have some prawns and lay by the water, which actually sounds really nice after this year!" 

Renny - $1,120.

Presents: $850
Booze: $100 (contribution)
Decorations: $50
Christmas dinner with friends: $60
Christmas dinner with roommates: $60
Total: $1,120.

Leigh - $1,500.

"For food, decorations, booze and gifts, I'd probably say $1,500 all up between my husband and I."


Katie - $967.

Ham - $80
Potatoes - $25
Presents for dad - $140
Presents for mum - $212
Presents for partner - $320
Presents for mum-in-law - $48
Presents for sister-in-law - $52
Presents for dad-in-law - $44
Postage for presents for in laws - $34
Bottle of wine for the big day - $12
TOTAL = $967.

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Jacqui - $2,500.

"For presents (we do secret santa for adults so you only have to buy one big present, present for partner, and all kids get pressies, and I usually give my mum something small too), contribution to food budget for the day (split between Mum, Aunty and us), alcohol, new clothes and PJs for family, chocolates and lollies... Probably around $2,500."

Jessie - $550.

Food: $100 (We're going to a restaurant with some fancy set menu and everyone pays per head)
Presents: $400 all up
Alcohol: $50
...And that's one Christmas, we have two family Christmas' so double that. But for physical costs on Christmas Day, it's $550.

Emily - $620.

"I spend $50 on food and drinks (each) to bring to my boyfriend's house. Buying presents across our two families easily costs me $400, plus all the wrapping paper and bows cost another $25. I usually spend $45 on an outfit for the day and $50 for decorations."

Caitlin - $1,850.

Presents: $1200 - $1500
Dress: $200
Drinks: $150
Food: My fam pays, but I contribute hours of my life in labour (of love obvs, potatoes)

Katie - $3,000 for the week.

"We have to travel, stop overnight and then stay in a hotel for three nights, so just with fuel, accommodation and meals to travel to see family it will cost around $1500. Then add presents in for nieces, nephews, parents etc, and it’s another $1000. We usually can’t bring food, so we supply drinks and snacks at a cost of around $200-$300. We’ll probably spend at least another $200 on Christmas Eve lunch at a nice restaurant (not the usual custom, but we tend to go along with whatever is organised) and other lunches and dinners out (our Christmas 'day' starts on the 23/12 and continues until 28/12!). We do this every two years, and because we’ve chosen to live a long distance from most of our family, this is just a cost we have to bear.

"Usually by the time I factor in all the costs, it’s around $3,000 for the week or so around Christmas. Every other year we stay home and have a very relaxed, low key Christmas Day with half a dozen family members who live nearby. My preference is definitely to stay home, but not so much because of the financial stress, but because I’m really a homebody who prefers to keep things simple."

How much will Christmas day cost you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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