Chrissie Swan went on The Project panel. After the show she realised her mistake.

You wouldn’t know if she didn’t point it out. But Chrissie Swan made a sweet error getting dressed for her appearance on Wednesday night’s episode of The Project.

The radio presenter appeared immaculately dressed in a white blouse, a red jumper and glamorous yet subtle makeup. But something rang all too familiar.

She appeared dressed in the colours of her old school’s summer uniform.

A photo posted by Chrissie Swan (@chrissieswan) on Jul 13, 2016 at 3:25am PDT

Swan attended the Sacré Cœur school in Melbourne.

Swan said the only thing her outfit was missing was her Student Representative Council badge.

“Did @theprojecttv tonight SERIOUSLY looking like I was dressed in my old school summer uniform and school jumper. Just missing the ‘SRC REP’ badge!”

Users commented on the picture with either recognition of her school or a good guess.

“Before even reading your post I saw the pic and thought it was the old uniform,” one user said.


“So that’s gotta be either Korowa or Sac? Sac had the collar and Korowa had the coloured jumper,” another user said.

Source: Screenshot/Channel 10.

One user was shocked at the realisation that she and Swan may have shared a high school.

"We must have gone to the same high school! Shit did we go to the same high school?"

Swan is currently a morning radio host on the Nova network in Melbourne.

Some of us are still seeing school uniforms on a daily basis. This may help...