Chrissie Swan got shamed for taking her kids to McDonalds and the public isn't having it.

In what might just be the total opposite of ‘news’, the Daily Mail has reported on comedian Chrissie Swan taking her children to McDonald’s.

Quelle horreur.

“The 43-year-old media personality was spotted taking her children to a McDonald’s restaurant in Melbourne earlier this month,” the publication shared on Thursday alongside precisely nine paparazzo shots (including close-ups) of Swan’s sons Leo, eight, and Kit, five, and three-year-old daughter, Peggy.

“The family walked into the restaurant briefly, but were later seen buying take away food at the drive-thru,” the article continues.

Listen: Studio 10’s Sarah Harris knows what it’s like to be stalked by paparazzi. (Post continues after audio.)

Thankfully, the publication’s readers aren’t falling for its cheap attempt to shame a successful working woman.

In response to the article on Facebook, reader Chenae wrote: “OMG are you f***ing serious! You wrote an article about her taking her kids to Maccas! Who the f**k are you to judge her and her family. I’m going to say you either don’t have kids or your a hypocrite because ALL parents have taken their kids there. This is so bullshit. [sic]”

Many others agreed.

“This article has clearly been written so everyone starts saying… she is a shit Mum,” a reader, Cindy, replied. “Its a shitty article written to incite hatred towards Chrissy Swan.[sic]”

"This is so bullshit." (Image: Getty)

Author and close friend Rebecca Sparrow promptly wrote on her public Facebook page.

"Please don't click on the story on Chrissie Swan. Don't share it. Don't comment," she asked fans.

"It is the cruellest story and their site should not be rewarded with hits. To humiliate and shame her children is a DISGRACE."

For that very reason, we will not be linking readers to the Daily Mail's 'story'.

In December, we spoke to Chrissie and other Aussie celebrities about what it's like to be stalked by the paparazzi. You can read the article here.