Good news if you're pregnant and like bacon: it might make your baby smarter, says science.

To all those pregnant ladies craving big, fried breakfasts, we have some good news: this is one craving you should definitely give in to.

Researchers from Cornell University found that bacon and eggs contain a key nutrient for unborn bubs that boosts their brain power.

It’s called choline, and is vital in helping to develop the part of the brain associated with memory and recall – and pork and eggs are packed full of it.

Bacon and eggs could make a tasty brain-boosting brekky. (Image via Getty.)

While not a comprehensive study, 26 women were surveyed and it was discovered that the more choline the mums-to-be ate, the higher their baby's intelligence.


Yes, that bacon and egg brekky is not only tasty, but it's (maybe) making your unborn baby smarter. Win-win. And if you can convince your partner to make and serve it to you in bed each morning, even better.

The pregnant women were split into two groups. During their final trimester half the mums-to-be were given 480mg a day of choline (which is 30mg more than the daily recommendation), while the others consumed almost double that - 930mg.

Later, their baby's were tested at four, seven, 10 and 13-months-old. Researchers looked at their processing, speed, motor response and visuospatial memory. They found the second group of bubs had better results, leading them to conclude the current recommended amount isn't enough to get the best brain-boosting benefits.

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Of course, it's not easy to get to 930mg of choline a day, which is why supplements exist. One egg contains around 115mg, while there's around 60mg in two rashers of bacon, with lean pork fillets being a richer, healthier source. But still, it's the best excuse for a morning fry-up we've heard.

Even better, choline is not just good for unborn bubba's brain development either, with researchers recommending all women up their dose.

And if you're a vegetarian or vegan feeling a little left out right now, don't worry, choline is also found in nuts, broccoli and legumes.

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