IT HAS HAPPENED: Kevin Bacon has made an ad for eggs. And it's perfect.

Stop everything. We can all go home now. Because nothing will beat this.

Kevin Bacon has done an add for eggs.

And it is the GREATEST.

Kevin Bacon and eggs

The American egg board has launched a print and online ad campaign featuring the Footloose actor loving eggs and copping SO many bacon puns that you will squeal like a stuck pig.

The ad features a woman making scrambled eggs for brekkie when Bacon just appears on her kitchen counter, COOL AS SHIT. And she’s all like, “Wah! OMG What are you doing in my kitchen?” And he’s just like, well…

And it’s so META and self-aware and funny. There is a six-degrees of separation joke (referencing the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon phenomenon, where it’s claimed you can link any actor to Kevin Bacon within six steps).

And then a joke about BRINGING HOME THE BACON.

There is also some proper stuff about the nutritional quality of eggs but WHO CARES  IT’S KEVIN BACON TALKING ABOUT EGGS HAHAHA.

At one point, the woman leans AND SNIFFS HIM.

As you would.

So now, we die happy.

Now, let us kick off our Sunday shoes and get footloose in the kitchen.

Because bacon and eggs are together forever.

Watch the full ad here:

What’s your favourite celebrity commercial ever?