The parents of this 3-year-old are changing his name to 'Popcorn' as he won't answer to anything else.

We’ve got Saint.

We all know Apple.

There is Elsie Otter and Titan, Bear and Bhondi.

But it’s not just famous parents giving their kids a name to stand out in the crowd.

It seems us regular folk do too. There are kids named Cheese and Anise, Cashew, Chardonnay and Sultana.

And now there is a cute little fella from Wales who is about to get the delightful moniker “Popcorn.”

Isn’t he a cutie?



The little bloke’s name is already Diesel but for three years his Mum and Dad have called him ‘Popcorn’ and they have decided to make it official and change his name by deed poll.

Hazel Williams and Huw Roberts from Wales told Walesonline that Diesel never really felt right.

“He was a bit of a fighter during Hazel’s pregnancy, and the kicks in the womb were like the popping that happens when you put the corn in the saucepan. It’s stuck ever since that day.” Huw said.

The name Popcorn has stuck ever since.

The whole family, including big sisters Paige, 14, and Tyler, 16 call him by the popular cinema snack.

“We’ve always called him Popcorn, it started of as a nickname but now he won’t answer to anything else,” said Popcorn’s mum Hazel.

“We love the name, it’s fun and all of our friends call him it and like it too.

“There are a few people in the family who don’t really agree with it.”

After the family went public with their proposed name change there has been fierce debate online about whether it’s a proper name for a fine young citizen of the UK to grow up with.

Why can’t the lad have a solid dependable name like Charles?

Like George, or Charles.

One woman with a good sensible name, Leanne wrote: “Let them name the kid whatever they like. Surely this kid likes his name if he prefers and only answers to popcorn.”

While Anne (perhaps a little unkindly) said “How about changing the parents’ names to loopy and fruitcake?”

Peter thoughtfully suggested, “Curly would be better.”

While DeeDee thought about the future “I for one would not trust Dr Popcorn”

The debate raged on Facebook until a prettily named “Lolly” suggested that it was simply a “storm in a teacup” and that Popcorn could “change it back to Diesel anyway”

Speaking from experience Lolly?

I can see where this family are coming from, I have called my three-year-old daughter, Emme, “Buckets” on so many occasions that she happily answers to it. It’s made me pause and wonder perhaps they are onto something?

Walesonline reports that should Popcorn’s name change be accepted legally he will become the first child in the UK to go by that name.

There are five people in the UK registered under the name Diesel – and I am as yet unsure whether anyone in the world is named “Buckets”.

Go for it Popcorn we don’t think its corny at all.

What do you think of the parent’s idea to change their son’s name to Popcorn?