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Would you buy a wedding dress on eBay?





The average Australian couple spends $36,000 on their wedding.

Does that sound like a lot to you? Well, it’s more than half of what the average Australian earns in a year. It’s the cost of a new car. Or two. It’s enough money to put a deposit on a suburban family home (or a studio apartment in a big city).

Alternatively? It could pay for a honeymoon in Hawaii.

Hardly surprising then that more couples are opting to bake their own cakes, blow up their own balloons and dance in the backyard to save on the crazy costs associated with weddings.

The Herald Sun reports:

Fewer couples are relying on parents to foot the bill and are looking for ways to scrimp on costs, experts say.

“I’ve noticed that over the last 12 months or so there are more weddings at home than ever before, or in parks, where it doesn’t cost anything,” said Dawn Dickson, secretary of the Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants Victoria.

“It’s a sign of the times. People don’t have money for big weddings. They are putting their money into mortgages.

“People make it special at home and all up you could save 50-75 per cent.”

Forget $10,000 wedding dresses, venue hire, car hire and tulips sourced from the Netherlands.

Instead more and more couples are choosing to buy the frock on eBay, pick roses from mum’s garden and walk from the bedroom to the (homemade) arch beside the Hills Hoist.  And as for wedding photos… BYO iPhone?

How much did you (or do you plan to) spend on your wedding? Where is the best area to cut costs? Any sneaky savings tips?