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"I can't go through with the wedding..." The royal couple that almost never was.

A new royal biography is peddling a secret that we all already knew.

In news that will shock no one, Prince Charles nearly didn’t go through with his fairy tale wedding. Because he was in love with Camilla. 

And apparently, all the terrible details will be revealed in Catherine Mayer’s juicy new (unauthorised) biography ‘Charles: Heart of a King’.

Mayer’s writes that Prince Charles wailed: “I can’t go through with it…I can’t do it,” to one of his closest confidants.

The happy couple, Lady Diana and Prince Charles.

The Prince added that Lady Di, the future princess to whom he’d popped the question after a (very) brief courtship, was “not the jolly country girl he had assumed,” but rather a deeply troubled young woman suffering from a serious eating disorder.

In fact, Mayer’s book claims that a member of the Prince’s inner circle described the Prince as “desperate,” on the eve of his 1981 wedding.

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In another news flash that everyone saw coming, the biography claims Princess Di also had her doubts about the Prince.

Lady Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day.

In one scandalous section, we learn that Lady Di found a bracelet intended for Camilla Parker Bowles, just months before their pending nuptials.

How did she know? Well, the bracelet was engraved with the letters ‘GF’, which she believed to stand for ‘Girl Friday,’ a nickname the Prince had given Camilla. But wait, the plot thickens. The initials may also have stood for ‘Gladys’ and ‘Fred,’ the vomit-inducing pet names the Prince and Ms Parker Bowles had given each other.

Unfortunately, as the future princesses confidants shared, it was too late to pull out of the wedding. Her face was already on the tea towels.

And that, as we should tell our daughters, is the problem with marrying a Prince. Your fate can be sealed by merchandise.