From Meghan Markle to Kate Moss: Your celebrity wedding, according to your star sign.



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Solange Knowles in Stéphane Rolland

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is impulsive and uncomplicated – perhaps an elopement could be in order? A natural multi-tasker, Aries likes to get things done and gets impatient with inactivity and delays.

Her wedding day style is sure to be fashion-forward. As the resident trendsetter, it's unlikely that this look is all over Instagram yet. But it will be after she wears it.



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Meghan Markle in Givenchy by Clare Waight Keller and Stella McCartney

As one who likes to feel pampered, you can expect Taurus to spare no expense for her wedding day. But she works hard to live in luxury, so you won’t see her going into debt.

When shopping for her wedding dress, Taurus is confident and practical, yet drawn to beauty. With this in mind you can expect her dress to be stunning - and also have room for a second helping of dessert.

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Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren & Sabyasachi

The social butterfly of the zodiac, the Gemini bride is ready to entertain her wedding guests and tear up the dancefloor. In the planning process, Gemini expects a strong and constant stream of communication from vendors. Her creativity and constant stream of ideas makes her an unstoppable wedding force! She may like more than one dress, so why not do two?

Gemini is super fun to shop for the dress with due to her natural charisma. She is also genuinely keen to hear what you think!


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Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in Helen Rose

Highly imaginative, the Cancer bride is very excited to create her dream wedding. While she looks forward to the process, she isn’t thrilled about being the centre of attention. But the thought of looking after her nearest and dearest with a bountiful celebration over delicious food, drink and lively music warms her loyal heart.

When shopping for her dress, she is calm and gentle. She is on the hunt for a dress that tells her story with feminine and traditional details.



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Carrie Bradshaw in Vivienne Westwood

Leo finally has her day in the sun! Made for the spotlight, she is guaranteed to have one of the most talked-about weddings of the year. This sign has no fear, so you can expect her to be ahead of the trends and stand out from the rest of the wedding crowd.

You will find her shopping for bold yet elegant looks most others are too scared to try. Be careful not to blow your wedding budget, Leo!



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Liv (Kate Hudson) from Bride Wars in Vera Wang

Enter the wedding perfectionist. The Virgo bride is logical and practical with a keen eye for details. Her day will be organised with a weighty run sheet with nothing left to chance. Her hard work is sure to pay off with a stellar day - but her analytical nature might lead her down the path of self-criticism. Don’t forget to stop sweating the small stuff, Virgo, and enjoy your day.


When shopping for her dress, Virgo has a moodboard, has saved her screenshots and is ready to find a winner. The result will no doubt be classic and beautiful.


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Hailey Bieber in Ralph & Russo

Librans are all about harmony and balance, so it makes sense that their significant other is as stylish as they are. This wedding is guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing. In the thick of wedding planning, the Libra bride is prone to being swayed by others’ opinions.


She struggles to make the final decisions - even though her decisions are great ones! When she eventually makes her choice, you know her wedding dress will strike the perfect balance between sexy and fashionable – an enviable combo.


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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton

Calculated and prepared, the Scorpio bride is the queen of the long-game wedding plan and handles wedding stress like a boss. Her mind is always miles ahead of the rest and committed to researching to find the very best for her wedding. However, this often paves the way for comparison and jealousy, so she should ensure she remains true to herself.

When it comes to the dress, she is relaxed about shopping and will know instinctively know when she has found The One.


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Lillian from Bridesmaids in Lady St. Petsois JuJu (she sent her measurements to France y’all!)

Born to explore, the Sagittarius bride yearns for a destination wedding with an outdoor ceremony. She is also highly idealistic, but needs to beware of biting off more than she can chew! Despite this, as a highly mutable sign, she is always ready to adapt should things go awry and let’s be honest – she brings the party wherever she goes!

Sagittarians thoroughly enjoy the wedding dress shopping experience and appreciate blunt honesty in your opinions. You don't have to love the hat.


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Audrey Hepburn in Balmain

The queen of the can-do attitude, you know that the Capricorn bride is ticking things off her wedding to-do list left, right and centre. But don’t forget that it takes two to plan a wedding! Although sometimes known for her conservative nature, you can expect that amongst her nearest and dearest, she is ready to party.

When shopping for her dream dress, Capricorn takes a practical approach and falls back on her timeless style. You won’t see her following fleeting wedding trends.


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Kate Moss in John Galliano

Eccentric by nature, yet highly intellectual, you’ll catch an Aquarius planning her eco wedding with environmentally-friendly confetti and zero waste. She is most likely to shop alone for her wedding dress as she knows what looks good.

Her dress will always be effortlessly stylish, but a little unexpected and left of centre. Ever the light-hearted optimist, the bubbly Aquarius bride still needs time to herself, so she will fill herself with gratitude and reflection by practising yoga or mediation on the morning of the wedding.


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Bianca Jagger in Yves Saint Laurent

As a sign deeply connected to music, you can guarantee the free-swimming fish, Pisces has her impressive wedding playlist in order well ahead of time. A kind, caring and deeply sensitive sign, she is likely to be caught off guard by her waves of love and emotion (she should consider locking her makeup artist in for the day, as that mascara will need a touch up!).

When it comes to the dress, Pisces is an intuitive shopper. She can nail any style with ease, but will likely choose something eye-catching with a touch of sexiness and sass.

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