The murky world of 'celebrity plastic surgery accounts'.

Everyone loves to feel like they're in on a secret.

Like they know things other don't. They know things others don't want them to know. They're clever enough to figure out whatever they've been presented was not the whole story.

It's this feeling that is referenced in the bio of Celeb Face, an anonymous Instagram account which proclaims "WELCOME TO REALITY".

"If you don't want to see the truth ➡ leave this page," it says from the outset.

In this case, 'the truth' references thousands of collages, carousels and videos that point out photoshop fails, alleged lip fillers and plastic surgery. Here, the celebrities are not airbrushed. There are pores, lines and texture. Circles and arrows point out where photoshopped waists have warped backgrounds, and side-by-side comparisons show how a celebrity's face has changed.

Accounts like Celeb Face show us that the images we see most often on social media are not real, and the extreme lengths some will go to to present themselves as what they society tells us is the 'ideal' beauty standard.

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