The top 7 celebrity hair makeovers of 2016.

I make no apologies for being interested in celebrity hair makeovers. I live vicariously through them, not being as brave with my own hair aside from a couple of years in my early twenties when I tried purple, blondish and accidentally brassy red.

I’ve played with the length but nothing too dramatic. Nothing flick worthy.

Nicki Minaj’s hair is definitely flick worthy via GIPHY.

Celebrities – probably due to the fact they have the best in the business at their disposal – seem to change their hair as often as they change their clothes, and it always looks awesome.

These are the top seven celebrity hair makeovers of 2016, starting with one that shocked the nation, and changed how we watched TV forever.

Dramatic pause…

1. Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore's bold new colour choice. Image: The Project, Network Ten

To say Australians are heavily invested in Carrie Bickmore's hair is a massive understatement, considering the reaction to her dramatic hair change earlier this year. As part of her work with Garnier, Bickmore decided to go from blonde to brunette, shocking the nation. Now, we are more used to it but questioning if she used a box mix like majority of Garnier customers.


2. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner from brunette to blonde. Image: Instagram, Kylie Jenner

3. Alex Nation 

Alex Nation goes blonder. Image: Instagram, Alexandra Nation

Winner of The Bachelor 2016, Alex Nation, has gone even blonder after nabbing Richie Strahan and it seems she's happier than ever before. The single mum and Strahan have been regular attendees at multiple media events which is just as well, so her hair can get the proper outing it deserves.

4. Zoe Foster Blake

Zoe Foster Blake adds more highlights. Image: Instagram, Zoe Foster Blake

Keen to celebrate the warmer weather Zoe Foster Blake reported that at her most recent visit to the hairdresser she wanted "more highlights" and this is the gorgeous result. They look so natural and blend nicely into her loose curls. Foster Blake got it done just in time for the media tour for her book-turned-TV-show The Wrong Girl.

5. Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham with the longest hair we've ever seen on her. Image: Instagram, Lena Dunham

Now that Girls is done and dusted with the sixth and final yet-to-be-aired season in the can, as they say, Lena Dunham has taken the opportunity to go for a much more grown up and sophisticated hairstyle, choose a longer style and more uniform colour. It's a hairstyle that the disheveled Hannah from Girls would never get away with.

6. Cate Blanchet

Just when you though Cate Blanchet's hair couldn't get any more perfect. Image: Instagram, Cate Blanchet

Cate Blanchet always has such perfect hair but has rarely strayed far from her blonde locks aside from colour changes required for movie roles. This year, however, Cate has chosen a darker, more golden blonde and a modern chop with the addition of a youthful fringe that is incredibly flattering to her elfin face.

7. Anne Hathaway 

Anne Hathaway back to a more natural look. Image: Instagram, Anne Hathaway

New mum Anne Hathaway has gone back to her roots. The actress, who gave birth in March to baby Jonathan, has chosen to move on from her ombre hair and return to her natural colour. It certainly makes life more simple as a new mum. Hathaway has famously said she didn't sleep for eight weeks straight after the birth of her son. Hopefully with less trips to the hairdresser she has more time to rest.