Celeb news: Madonna's smoking double standard.

So Madonna’s 15-year-old daughter Lourdes was recently photographed smoking. And Madonna? She “wasn’t very happy” when she found out.

In a recent interview, she said she might have to be more strict with her kids.

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“I don’t think I’m as tough as I should be. I think I need to be maybe tougher. It’s hard — every day is a negotiation. But cigarette smoking I’m not very fond of — for anyone. I don’t approve of anyone smoking cigarettes, most of all my daughter.”

However in Madonna’s latest music clip cigarettes are used as props. To that she says: “I don’t smoke. That’s just an accessory. There’s a difference. (Lourdes) smoked that cigarette before I did that video.”

Could it be a case of do as I say not as I do?

And here is the music video they’re talking about.