Madonna has released the video for her second single from her new album. The song is called Girl Gone Wild – and it’s for adult eyes only. The raunchy video, which features the 53-year-old singer dancing in black PVC hotpants alongside topless male dancers in mantyhose, can only be viewed on Youtube by those who confirm that they are over 18 years of age. Check it out:


Over the weekend, columnist Ros Reines spoke out about Madonna’s latest publicity shots:

madonna1 Girl Gone Wild. Madonnas video for adult eyes only“There is something quite disturbing about the latest publicity shots of 53-year-old Madonna in a classic porn star pose.

There she is, Madonna, all tousled blonde hair, finger in mouth and wearing a black, lacy cut-out bra and mid-thigh PVC boots.

…It’s just that Madonna already did the seedy suspender belt thing when she was back in her 20s and she shouldn’t be trying to recreate it now – just because she can.

As an older woman who has survived the music industry and all the artists like Lady Gaga, who have come after her, Madonna can now afford to act with a little more dignity now…

There is certainly scope for her to present as a sexy, older woman who is comfortable in her skin. But leave the trashy sex kitten to all those young girls out to make a name for themselves. Madonna doesn’t have to prove a thing. So instead of trying to recreate her twenties, Madonna should channel Helen Mirren and be all the more powerful for it.”

Via @madonna Instagram

What do you think of the video? Is Madonna “too old”?

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