Celeb news: Are the Beckhams the next Beatles?

That’s right the Beckham kids are forming a band. Sort of.

Thirteen-year-old Brooklyn will be on the guitar, nine-year-old Romeo will be on drums. And seven-year-old Cruz? He breakdances. The three are big fans of the Jonas brothers.

In a recent interview with sun.co.uk, mum Victoria Beckham said Brooklyn repeatedly plays The Beatles’ ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

“As they go to bed, the boys break into a chorus of ‘Walk Like A Man…It’s their favorite song from the ‘Jersey Boys’ musical. Cruz is very good at breakdancing, as well. He spins on his head. And he is doing ballet – inspired by the fact that ‘his cousin is very lucky because he gets to lift up girls.'”

They’re still in need of a lead singer. Mum?