'I let my 15yo's girlfriend sleep over. The next morning, I found something in the toilet.'

Warning: This post is NSFW.

As a teenager the reality of your parents finding out you were having sex was probably one of the worst things that could happen. In hindsight (now as a parent) it probably was for them too.

After speaking with some friends (now parents themselves) about their experiences I have compiled the funniest and most embarrassing so we can all remember we were once young too.

It is also serves as a reminder that now as we wear ‘the other (parent) shoes’ that we should be prepared that finding out about this fact may occur at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.

Condoms don’t flush.

*Lisa discovered her son who was 15 at the time was sexually active during a late night visit to the toilet. “We allowed his girlfriend to sleepover in the spare room but obviously they weren’t in separate beds the whole night because in the toilet, floating at the top was a used condom,” she said. Deciding to broach the subject in the light of a new day, Lisa simply said to her son and his girlfriend over the breakfast table, “condoms don’t flush *Riley.”

Their reaction was complete and utter embarrassment.

Honesty is the best medicine.

When *Abby went to the GP accompanied by her mother he asked her if she was sexually active, Abby decided that she shouldn’t lie to the doctor so replied “yes.” “My mother was so angry at me after that!” She said. The doctor appointment was followed up with an in depth mother and daughter conversation that neither of them really wanted to have.

Caught ‘nude’ handed.

It was late at night when *Mel decided to quickly dash to the toilet. “My boyfriend was staying over and we were doing what many teenagers do. I needed to go to the toilet so made a quick dash but on the way I unexpectedly and literally bumped into my dad in the hallway. There was no getting out of that one,” Mel said.


*Kate said that her mum caught her and her boyfriend at the time in a very exposed position. “It was humiliating. Literally, full frontal, penis in vagina, I had my legs up, spread wide, so there was nothing left to the imagination,” she said. “My boyfriend could never look my mum in the eyes again. We broke up soon after.”


Stop right there!

It attempt to ‘spice’ things up *Elle and her boyfriend decided it would be funny to have sex on her brother’s bed while no one was home. Little did they know, her mother was home and because she also thought she was home alone, when she heard noises she thought that they were being robbed. In attempt to stop the thieves she burst into the bedroom and caught Elle and her boyfriend ‘in the act’.

“She was absolutely furious and my boyfriend was never allowed at our house again without supervision, we were 17,” said Elle.

The ‘Love’ boat.

“My family let my boyfriend join us on a family holiday, a P&O Cruise. At night we snuck out onto the deck and decided it was a good idea to have sex out there. Midway the Captain came out and pointed to the cameras above us, they had seen the entire thing!” Although *Sarah’s parents hadn’t discovered them having sex the embarrassment was still enough for her and her boyfriend to be on their best behaviour for the rest of the holiday.

There’s a hole in the condom.

*Kim describes the story of her parents discovering she was sexually active as “totally humiliating.” It was in the early stages of her and her first boyfriend, who had both been virgins, having sex. After the ‘session’ was complete her boyfriend said “shit, there’s a hole in the condom.” Driven by pure fear of getting pregnant at 15, she woke her mum up and told her what had happened.

The next day involved a visit to the family GP, boyfriend in tow to receive a prescription for the after morning pill and the regular pill to prevent any further incidents occurring, along with a stern lecture.

What’s your most embarrassing sex story? Tell us in the comments section below.