Catiuscia Machado wrote about her 'great will to live'. Then it was taken from her.

In October 2022, Catiuscia Machado shared a message to celebrate her birthday.

"I've learned that you should live life intensely, take advantage of every moment and do everything you want, without leaving for later," she wrote.

"Today also starts a new cycle, full of good expectations and a great will to live! And off to another lap around the sun."

Soon after, that great will to live compelled Machado to move from her home in Brazil to Australia, where she worked with children with disabilities.

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Then, only weeks after the lap around the sun she was so excited about was complete, Machado's great will to live was taken from her, allegedly by a man she knew.

Diogo De Oliveira was arrested after police found her body in the bathtub of her unit in Chiswick in Sydney's inner west. He was taken to Burwood Police Station where he was charged with domestic violence murder.

The 40-year-old appeared before Burwood Local Court on Monday where he was refused bail.

He will appear in the same court on January 24.

On social media, Machado displayed a vibrant life. She shared photos of beautiful Brazilian sunsets and beaches, describing herself as "from the sea" and having a passion for travel. 

She wrote long paragraphs about her mother, saying the one word she would use to describe her was "strength", and she loved her "more than anything in the world".


In May 2022, she marked a change in her life.

"It says that each cycle of our life lasts seven years. And it really was for me. This month my last is complete. A cycle with beginning, middle and end... one of the most difficult ones to do."

She said she had learned and matured, and was looking forward to her next seven-year 'cycle'.

"I carry more wisdom, more self love, knowledge of what I want, and most importantly, what I don't want in my life. Bring on the next seven years!"

Machado was a specialist in psychopedagogy, educating children with special educational needs.

A post-mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of the Machado's death.

She is the 67th woman killed in Australia this year, and the seventh allegedly murdered in the past two weeks.

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