'They can be... jerks.' The 9 things all cat owners know to be true.

 Let’s just get straight to the point.

There’s no doubt that cats are the superior pet. In fact, there’s no argument about it.

Despite the fact that they can kind of be d*cks sometimes – like when they knock stuff off counters or scratch the furniture – cats always know the ways to our hearts.

You see, once you bring a cat into your life, your life will never the same again.

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After all, once you own a cat, your home isn’t yours anymore.

It’s all… theirs.

Whether you have a tabby cat or something more ~exotic~ like a  Scottish Fold, these are the nine things all cat owners know to be true.

There is no such thing as “your food” anymore.

Once you own a cat, there is no such thing as “your food” anymore. You see, once you bring a cat into your life, everything you own is now theirs.

It’s all for them. Absolutely all of it.


Hungry? You only get what the cat lets you eat. Remember, they are the boss.

Their positions often defy logic and gravity.

Cats have a penchant for perching themselves up high in positions that defy all the laws of physics.


From sitting on top of the door frame to sleeping on the top of the bookcase, cats will sit pretty much sit anywhere they please in positions that often defy logic, gravity and safety.

It’s… weird.

But at least they have nine lives, right?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You don’t need to buy them “nice” things.

When you first bring a cat into your life, you might fall into the trap of buying your new pet all sorts of toys.

In reality, however, you really don’t need to buy them nice things.

Even if it’s a really expensive toy or the perfect cat scratching post, you can bet they’ll prefer playing with the box or the packaging that the toy came in rather than the toy itself.


Just… don’t even bother with toys.

Give them a piece of string and they’ll be stoked.

Trust us.

Sorry, but they’re all… jerks.

We’re sorry, but it’s true.

Let’s be honest – when you call your cat’s name, they can absolutely hear you. They’re just choosing not to listen.

In their minds, you are their pet – not the other way around. And they treat you so.

They’re stubborn, selfish and often antisocial. But for some reason, we still can’t help but love them.

You will never need an alarm again.

Forgot using your phone’s alarm clock in the morning, it’s not necessary anymore.


If your cat is hungry, or heck, even just bored, they will meow/YELL in your face until you wake up. Even if it’s still dark outside.

Get used to it, this is your life now:


You cannot live without a lint roller.

You need one in your car. In your handbag. In every room of the house. Hell, even in your pocket. You simply cannot live without a lint roller handy.

Well, unless you want to be constantly covered in fur, that is.

You can pat them. But only on their terms.

Cats are… difficult.

One minute they’re happy being pet and the next, they’re biting you.

Everything is on their terms. Remember, they really are your boss.


They stare at NOTHING.

There is nothing more terrifying than finding your cat staring at absolutely nothing.




There’s nothing better than getting a head butt from your cat. 

Despite all their flaws, there’s nothing more rewarding than getting a head butt or affection from your cat.

After all, if the cat falls asleep on you, there’s no way you’re moving until they do.

They might scratch the furniture or take up your entire bed, but no matter what, you wouldn’t change it for the world.

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