The 14 best cat Instagram accounts that prove they’re the superior pet.

Is your phone full of pictures of your cat? You’re not alone.

Despite the fact that they can kind of be d*cks sometimes – like when they knock stuff off counters for no reason or scratch the furniture – cats always know the ways to our hearts.

Whether they’re giving a friendly head butt or purring up a storm, cats really are the superior pet. (We’re sorry, dog lovers).

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If you’re a proud cat parent or just looking to fill your feed with all of the cutest cats, we’ve rounded up 14 of the very best cat Instagram accounts.

You can thank us later.

1. Lil Bub (@iamlilbub).


2. Princess Monster Truck (@princessmonstertruck).

3. Mila and Ivy (@milaivyofficial).


4. Suki (@Sukiicat).

5. Amy, Simba and Milo (@amy_simba).

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I could never resist those cute faces ????

A post shared by TheColorCats ▫️????▪️ (@amy_simba) on


6. Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll).

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“When you wake up and it’s not Friday.” #skytheragdoll

A post shared by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

7. Smoothie (@smoothiethecat).

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I’m with you every step of the (stair)way.

A post shared by Smoothie the Cat (@smoothiethecat) on


8. Venus (@venustwofacecat).

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What do you think is going through my head right now? ????????????

A post shared by Venus the Two Face Cat (@venustwofacecat) on

9. Niko and Poko (@nikoandpoko).


10. Oskar (@theklauscat).

11. Small Fry and Poutine (@smallfryandpoutine).

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Fries before guys. ????✌???? #nationalsiblingday

A post shared by Small Fry and Poutine (@smallfryandpoutine) on


12. Haroun (@harounthecat).

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How many of you guys can HEAR this photo? #loudmouf

A post shared by Haroun (@harounthecat) on

13. Samson (@catstradamus).

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A post shared by SAMSON AKA CATSTRADAMUS (@catstradamus) on


14. Jon Snow (@hellojonsnow).

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What One Cat Can Do, Another Cat Can Also Achieve #philosophersnow

A post shared by Jon Snow (@hellojonsnow) on

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