Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. We’ve found out where the gorgeous outfit Carrie Bickmore’s wore on The Project last night is from. (And it’s rather affordable.)

???????? @_rachelcorbett MONDAY Jumpsuit: @forevernew_official

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If you tuned into Monday night’s episode of The Project you would have spotted one Carrie Bickmore in a darling pink floral jumpsuit.

And you know what’s better than a darling pink floral jumpsuit? One that won’t cost you half a paycheque and is a dupe of one that just might.

You see… Carrie’s ruffley number is from Forever New, while Australian designer Zimmerman’s version will set you back $360, and that’s already at half price.

Zimmermann dupe
Zimmermann (left) Forever New (right).

In even better news, Forever New is currently doing a site-wide 20% off sale, bringing the cost down to $112.

I mean, you're practically saving yourself money now...

2. A wee hair update: Roxy Jacenko has had a big old chop.

Best in the biz @toniandguyau chop and colour by @e.shedwick.creative ????

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In the utmost breaking hair news, Sweaty Betty head Roxy Jacenko has cut her hair. Yeah.

The director of PR firm Sweaty Betty and the 'influencer network' The Ministry of Talent was known for her long blonde locks, but is now embracing a shoulder-length lob... or is that technically just a lob?

Whichever the case, it's tousled and fabulous, and her move has got us kind of itching to do the same... you know how they say variety is the spice of life, and all that.

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3. Is Troy from Married At First Sight the new Jarrod Woodgate?

We have a stage five clinger on our hands, everybody. After coming on a little strong towards his partner Ashley Irvin, Troy Delmege has been branded the Jarrod Woodgate of Married At First Sight by the Daily Mail.

Who is Jarrod Woodgate you're probably asking? Well, you may remember him as the guy who freaked out Sophie Monk by being too, um, forthcoming on The Bachelorette. And now Troy, 35, seems determined to go down the same path. You know, because it worked out so well before...

Troy sent poor Ashley, 28, into a tailspin when he casually informed her he was ready to move in with her. In fact, the way he said it actually made it sound as though he already had (mentally, anyway).

"It feels beautiful. I think you live in a spectacular area. I love it here. And... I think I can see myself moving up here," he told her.

Naturally, Ashley freaked out, probably because they met on a reality TV show and have only known each other for a few weeks.

"What do you mean? You living here?" she said.

"One hundred percent. One hundred percent, yeah," was his response.

After Troy somehow managed to dodge every clue sent in his direction, Ashley then straight-up told him he was moving "quite fast." But Troy was still completely oblivious to his partner's feelings.

"I know what I like and I know what I don't like... In terms of, like, any type of relocation hassle or anything, there's none, there's none," he continued.


Oh, dear.

4. Literally just some of our favourite Britney Spears Instagram moments of 2018.

It may be a new year, but it's the same old Britney Spears. Proving there's never a dull moment whenever she's involved, Britney's Instagram posts so far this year have left us feeling a little... confused?

Don't get us wrong, we love her - I mean, the woman has provided us with hit after hit - but we'd be lying if we said we didn't scratch our heads at some of her recent Instagram posts.


Like this one, where the 36-year-old proceeded to soundlessly roll around in the surf. Although, to be fair, she did look like she was having a great time doing it...

???????????? Just a sprinkle of paradise!!!!!!

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Or this one, where she pulled a series of funny faces for no apparent reason while dressed in a pink micro-mini dress...


Pink has always been my favorite color ????????????????????

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And who can forget the time she pirouetted with the sole purpose of making us feel dizzy?

Who doesn't love to twirl all day?? ????????????

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She's having more fun than the rest of us, that much is certain.

5. Justin Theroux is all of us after a break up: Cuddling tiny puppies a little too intensely.


Posting his first Instagram since his breakup with Jennifer Anniston, Justin Theroux has opted to drown his post-breakup sorrows with puppies.

Because you know what takes the spotlight off a breakup? Puppies. And adorable toothless baby pitbull puppies at that.

It's too much.

Visiting the good people at Housten animal shelter - Austin Pets Alive! you could say that it's been a ruff few weeks for the actor (get it? Okay we will stop) and clearly he's just coping in the best way possible.

To see all the photos, read out full post of Justin's puppy exersion here.

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