Carrie Bickmore is addicted to her phone. So she enforced two rules.

Carrie Bickmore knows we are all a little dependent on our devices. Hell, she knows she’s a little dependent on her phone.

So, instead of continuously and mindlessly scrolling, living within the bright lights of her phone screen, she’s decided to do something about it.

In her latest piece for Stellar, the TV journalist said she got quite the wakeup call just recently, when her son said something about her phone use.

“The other night, I settled in for movie night with my son and he protested, ‘No second screening, Mum.’

“I nearly fell out of the bed. How does he know the term ‘second screening’, and why is he telling me? I never do that … do I? Am I that person? I AM that person. Oh god. Those people are the worst.”

Bickmore said after thinking about what it was that annoyed her in particular about her own phone use, and her partner Chris’ phone use, they put some rules in place. To, you know, learn how to interact with humans again.

“It used to annoy [Chris] that I would jump on my phone within a minute of waking up in the morning, so now we don’t check any device for the first half-hour of the day.

“It used to bug me when he’d answer texts through dinner, so now we leave our phones in our bags when we go out, and our conversations have been so much better for it.”

Sounds tempting…but then…so does scrolling.