Carrie Bickmore's fake tan was looking flawless ... then she fell asleep.

Few things in life a certain. But if you’re a person who uses fake tan, a mistake at some point is just about inevitable.

This week it was Carrie Bickmore, who shared a whopper of a fake tan fail on Instagram on Tuesday.

The Project host told her followers she’d undergone a spray tan before her family holiday to Japan, but it had all gone wrong when she fell asleep with her hand resting on her arm.

She showed us the disappointing (if not slightly funny) result was a white handprint on her arm and a browned hand – a telltale sign of a tan gone wrong.

Let’s hope she had some fake tan remover close by.

The good news is that Carrie’s holiday to Japan was “bloody marvellous” and a perfect place to take her children Ollie, nine and two-year-old Evie.

“Beautiful, safe, clean, friendly. Apart from being sick with a cold the whole damn time it was great to just hang with the kids and discover new things together,” she wrote on Instagram.

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What’s your worst ‘fake tan gone wrong’ story?