The worry about having a third child that made Carrie Bickmore break down in tears.

Carrie Bickmore and partner Chris Walker are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their third child – but there’s one worry plaguing the mum as she begins her maternity leave.

Sharing her concern with her Hit Network Carrie and Tommy radio show listeners, the 37-year-old said had been “really emotional” lately thinking about what the new bub’s arrival will mean for her son Ollie, 11, and daughter, Evie, three.

“Because they’re so cute together,” Carrie said, beginning to tear up.

“They’re a little team. He [Ollie] never thought he was going to get a baby brother or sister and then he got a little sister and they’re seven years apart and they’re joined at the hip.

“And I know families of three and I know they’ll all love each other so much, but I don’t want anything to happen to their bond. So it makes me a little sad.”


Nevertheless, Carrie said she was “very excited” about her family-of-four growing into a family-of-five.

Her emotional moment came after she had been pondering it a day earlier, which she shared in an Instagram post.

“Love watching these two do life together. Despite the seven-year gap they are so close,” she wrote.

“I am laying in bed at 6.30pm (gotta love maternity leave!) thinking about how their relationship might change a little when number three arrives. Hope they stay super close.”


Fellow mums-of-three attempted to comfort the TV host by assuring her that their own children had stayed close.

“My three boys had the same age gaps if they’re brought up with love, they return it and share it with others all very affectionate and very much love each other. They’ll be fine,” one mum assured Carrie.

“Their bond will be even stronger as they will have a bub to love and fuss over – and roll their eyes about – together,” insisted another fan.

Carrie and her late husband Greg Lange, who died from brain cancer in 2010, welcomed Ollie in 2007.

The Gold Logie-winner met TV producer Chris while working on The Project together and in 2015 welcomed their first child together, Evie.

Do you have three children? Did you notice any changes to the older siblings’ relationship when the third child arrived?

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