Child abduction agency used by 60 Minutes used fake photos of "rescued children".

The 60 Minutes Lebanon abduction drama just got more dramatic – with the child abduction agency involved in the story accused of having appropriated random photos of children.

The child recovery group featured on the controversial 60 Minutes ending in several arrests earlier this month allegedly used random images pictures of two children on its Facebook page, claiming it had saved the children on rescue missions, Daily Mail Australia reports.

One of those images was actually an old stock photo, and another was a random tourist snap taken in 2012, Daily Mail Australia reports.

Image: Facebook, via Daily Mail

In one of those instances, the group  - Child Abduction Recovery International (CARI) -  reportedly posted picture of a small girl named "Alake" to Facebook and claimed it had just rescued her.

"This little bundle of joy couldn’t stop smiling after seeing her mother," CARI's Facebook post read. "She was taken in extreme circumstances over 7 months ago from her mothers (sic) arms and was not heard of again."

But Daily Mail has found that the photograph of so-called "Alake" is a Getty Images stock photo, which can be easily found by searching the term "picture of little black child girl" in Google.

The same stock image was even used on the front cover of a book published in 2010, Natural, Beautiful and Curly: Hairstyles & Hair Care for Black and Bi-Racial Children by Claudia Campos.

CARI's 2014 Facebook post of "Alake" has now been deleted.

Screenshot: Getty Images

The agency is also claimed to have rescued a particular child in Thailand, when in fact the boy pictured was allegedly a random child in a tourist photo from Laos.

"CARI operatives worked in a joint operation with Thailand police and immigration to successfully locate and recover a young baby taken by the father from Singapore (picture attached with approval of mother)," a post on CARI's Facebook page from July 2014 read.


Screenshot: Facebook with image by Noam Szoke

But the photographer who took the attached image, US-based Noam Szoke, told Daily Mail Australia he took that exact photo in Laos in 2012.

"That is a picture from my blog," Mr Skoze told Daily Mail Australia. "I was traveling. I don't know the baby or its parents."

Image: Facebook with image from AP

These disturbing allegations follow similar reports last week that CARI wrongly suggested another photograph of a child in a helicopter showed a CARI success story.

The agency claimed the image depicted a 2013 CARI child recovery operation in the Philippines, Daily Mail Australia reports -- but the photograph was actually taken in Oregon in 2006, when US police rescued a mother who became lost with her children on a remote mountain.

A cropped version of the same image is shown on the CBSNews website, credited to the AP news agency.

Screenshot: CBSNews with image by AP

CARI's founder, Adam Whittington, was last month arrested in Beirut after a botched attempt to retrieve Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner's two children from their estranged father. The recovery attempt, featured on 60 Minutes, led to the arrest of Ms Faulkner and four members of the 60 Minutes crew, including reporter Tara Brown.

The botched attempt was not the first time CARI has proved controversial , Daily Mail Australia reports. Mr Whittington, who founded CARI in 2000, was even jailed in Singapore 18 months ago over a child abduction case.