'I reject your rejection.' Jessica was turned down for a job so she emailed back. It worked.


When a Sydney teenager was rejected after a job application, she was – understandably – confused.

She knew she had the right skills to be a retail assistant for discount supermarket ALDI and believed she at least deserved a job interview.

But nevertheless, the 18-year-old’s application was rejected with a standard response by the recruitment team: “Thank you for taking the time to submit your application for the position of Retail Assistant at ALDI. After careful consideration we regret to advise that you have not proceeded to the next stage in this instance.”

can't get a job
Image: Facebook.

Jessica felt upset, but also inspired to send another email in response to their rejection.

"Although my application was rejected, I have been applying for jobs over a year now with no success," she began her email to ALDI.

“My skills are on par with your store, with the ability to be exceptionally fast paced to scan items like every ALDI Team Member does.

“I pride myself on my impressive sale skills and can describe myself to be very persuasive and show effectiveness.

She continued: "So persuasive in fact, that I would like to confidentially reject your rejection. Thank you for letting me be a part of the team, I won’t let you down. See you on Monday for my 9-5 shift."

can't get a job
Image: Facebook.

And her confidence in herself paid off. The ALDI recruitment team responded, inviting her for a job interview at her convenience.

can't get a job
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Posting the exchange to her Facebook page on Tuesday, Jessica's post has gone viral with many praising the 18-year-old for her respectable persistence.

In just 24 hours, Jessica received over 10,000 reactions and nearly 1,000 comments.

Speaking to Mamamia, Jessica says when she was initially rejected from the job "I was just upset by the response given as I carefully checked the job description and my cover letter to make sure everything was perfect and I’d be a strong candidate, to get rejected after the dedication I had already given was rough.

"It happens to everyone of course, but I wasn’t going to let it happen to me and took matters into my own hands."

Jessica adds that despite her confident email, she was "thoroughly surprised" to have received the job interview request.

As for it going viral, she's just as surprised, but also feels proud of herself.

"I feel like I’ve inspired many and it’s a great feeling!"