The $500k pool party you didn't want to be invited to.

Remember Travers Beynon, the wealthy misogynist who, in his spare time, walks women on leashes and posts photos like this?

That might be a halo, but I ain’t no Angel. #candyman #candyshopmansion

A photo posted by Travers Beynon (@candyshopmansion) on Dec 5, 2015 at 6:40pm PST

How could we forget, right?

Well, this weekend, Australia’s answer to Hugh Hefner decided to throw the most insane pool party this land has ever seen. As you would expect, the tobacco tycoon’s event was not just some balloons with chocolate Coles cake and a So Fresh CD, either.

It included an elephant (yes, a real live elephant), topless women (shocker, I know) and, according to some attendees, a lil’ bit too much pool-time PDA.

Sounds like $500,000 well spent, Travers!

Some funds were splashed on Traver’s new water feature, an essential for every house party, obviously. Because while modest bubblers from Bunnings are nice, Travers decided a replica of the Trevi Fountain was a must. Oh sorry, it’s not a Trevi Fountain, it’s the “Travy Fountain” (you cannot make this stuff up).

Beynon’s Batman entrance. (Image via Instagram @CandyShopMansion)

Travers made a party entrance that would make the rich kids from My Super Sweet 16th proud: flying down on a flying fox from the 3-story-high tower in his backyard, donned in a Batman outfit (yes he has a tower in his backyard, because, um, just because).


According to Daily Mail, who were in attendance at the event, there was even an “S&M display” which practically involved performers and partygoers dressing themselves in ropes.

After everyone was tired of playing dominatrix dressups, a group of men in military costumes stormed the house shouting yelling ‘SHUT THE F*** UP… WE WANT CONFORMITY AND SUBMISSION’’ while firing blanks.

The men then got into a ‘fight’ with Travers, who ‘blew up’ the group with a huge explosion. (Is this starting to sound a little bit propaganda-ish to anyone else, or is that just me?)

Of course, there were fireworks. There was also persistent, loud chanting of “Candyman, Candyman”, which, again, sounds just a touch propaganda-ish.

Watch A Current Affair cover The Candyman’s story below (post continues after video).

The chanting sesh didn’t last long, though, probably because a fire was roaring on the land across Traver’s river. That’ll teach the ground not to get in the way of Traver’s big, impressive, not at all obnoxious fireworks, now won’t it?

I don’t think Travers was all too concerned, though. On the blaze, he told the publication “That’ll be on A Current Affair”, and promptly asked the media contingent to leave.

What’s your take on ‘The Candyman’?