It's official: Expensive wine is for suckers.


Goon drinkers rejoice!

It’s official – that $4 bottle of wine tastes just as good as a fancy-pants $100 drop.

The good people at Vox have conducted a little social experiment (backed up with a lot of credible evidence) exploring the responses of people who blind tasted three different wines of differing “qualities” and price.

And the results are a big egg on the faces of anyone who ever sneered when you brought a goon sack to dinner.


The participants actually rated the cheapest bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon THE SAME as the most expensive one.

This is consistent with a 2008 study on 6,000 blind tastings that found that unless a person had undergone extensive wine tasting training, the majority of people actually prefer the taste of cheaper wines.

In fact, studies have even found that when professional wine judges were given the same plonk to try on 10 different occasions, they gave it totally different scores each time.

Other research shows that when participants of a study were told they were drinking expensive vintages, they tended to rate it better and vice versa with the cheap stuff.

So the next time some dodgy dude tries to swirl his vino and make up some “impressive” wine knowledge, just lay this truth bomb on ‘im.

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