Actress Caitlin Stasey's Instagram account is looking very, very different.

If you follow Caitlin Stasey on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed something’s changed in the last few days.

First of all, the actress and vocal feminist has posted a whopping 27 screenshots in just 48 hours.

Second, they’re all positively dripping with fury.

You see, just like the vast majority of us, Caitlin wasn’t exactly thrilled that reality TV host Donald Trump has snagged the world’s most powerful job. And she’s not afraid to let her 189,000 followers know as such.

An array of political statements such as “The future is female f*cked”  – mostly screenshots from Caitlin’s phone – now saturate the 26-year-old’s account. They all carry a synonymous message: women must fight against right-wing sentiment, now more than ever.

Individually, Caitlin’s Instagram posts tackle hot topics – ranging from women’s abortion rights, to the prison system, climate change and Trump’s attitude towards the Muslim population.

Enraged commentary from the Please Like Me star (“Trump/Pence voters [are] bigots, that’s all [they] are”) has sparked fiery debate from fans, also.

Her posts over the last two days have garnered thousands of responses, ranging from “I’m so glad that people like you are here to keep us informed and give us hope,” to “[You’re a] very sad, bitter woman spreading hate”.


One of Caitlin’s most controversial uploads drew ire from the non-voting demographic, who she told: “You are now Trump voters, friends.”

“Dumbest thing I have ever heard,” replied one follower, another: “There’s a difference between being opinionated and being rude.”

“Stop taking your frustrations out on people,” a third woman commented. “We’re sorry Hill lost. It would be healthier to be positive about the situation rather than attacking everyone around you who didn’t vote for Hillary.”

The former Neighbours star replied to the latter, telling her to “delete your account” and “go educate yourself”.

Pence is effectively your new president.

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Piercing through the criticism, though – as it is with all of Caitlin Stasey’s posts – is an unwavering outpouring of adoration from her most loyal fan base.

“I love u Caitlin ur (sic) so strong and opinionated. Keep being u please.”

Click through to see some of Caitlin Stasey’s Instagram posts.

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