There is a cafe only serving full-cream milk in Sydney. This is bullsh*t.

I choose skinny milk for my coffee because I like the taste better. There. I said it.

Have you ever felt shamed for your coffee order?

I have. And it hurts, it really hurts.

You see, despite the negativity that cappuccinos receive, I have persevered with this order over many years. With one small change: Instead of ordering a regular cappuccino, I switched to a “skinny-cap please”.

Why? I like the taste better. Stop judging me, everyone.

cafe only serving full cream milk
Never change, skinny cappuccino. Source: iStock

I may sound defensive, but that is just because I really, really am. I am extremely defensive of my order because it seems everyone wants to tell me why it’s wrong.

First, it was that cappuccinos were “lame”. You know what’s never lame? Chocolate sprinkles on things. So just you think about that, snobby baristas.

Now, a cafe in Sydney has decided that skinny milk is out. In fact, the only thing they’re allegedly serving is full-cream milk and soy milk.

The Sydney Cafe’s official stance on Skim Milk.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the reason behind this is “We’re not really behind the whole skim is healthier thing. Skim milk splits — it’s not good for making coffee.”

You know what else isn’t good for making coffee? A bad attitude toward skim milk, cafe*.


I suppose their only saving grace in this decision is that they are actually honest about banning skinny milk.

By comparison, a barista from a very trendy cafe in Brisbane informed me that where she works, everyone is getting full-cream milk, whether they know it or not.

She told me that every time they would take a humble “skinny-cap” order such as mine, they would hand a regular cappuccino back, without a word of the scandalous milk switch.


cafe only serving full cream milk
Trust no-one. Source: iStock.

So what’s the solution? Do we take a stand once and for all and organise a nation-wide rally that calls on baristas to please just let us order what we want to order and stop with the shame?

No, no, no. A rally is not the answer.

All you need to do is trust no-one and enjoy your skinny-cappuccino-with-extra-sprinkle in an instant coffee instead.

*I should note I have made a decision not to name and shame the cafe as their decision reflects a wider issue in cafe culture. Also I sometimes still go to the cafe and I would really prefer them not to spit in my cappuccino, full-cream or not.

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