Just 32 things the Mamamia team are buying in lockdown.

With Sydneysiders currently in their third week of lockdown, and Victorians about to enter a five-day snap lockdown, everyone's finding small ways to cheer themselves up.

For the Mamamia team, we've been doing our bit to support the economy with a little retail therapy.

Whether it's cute, comfortable sets for working from home, or supporting small businesses that need our help more than ever, here are 32 things we've bought to brighten our days.

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Akua Sonic Cleaner, $163.

"I have rose quartz in my wedding ring and hate it looking cloudy. I normally get it cleaned at the jeweller every few months (ok, like once a year when I remember). I saw this on Instagram and got sucked in. Feels like peak lockdown to me." - Hannah Mansur, Head of Consumer Revenue.

Image: Akua Sonic.


Cotton On Body Lifestyle Half Zip Fleece Top, $39.99.

"This sweatshirt." - Talia Phillips, Strategy Manager.

Image: Cotton On Body.

Zenith Top and Zenith Pants, $78 each.

"And this set." - Talia Phillips, Strategy Manager.

Image: Sabo Skirt.


Smeg 50's Retro Style Espresso Coffee Machine Cream, $469.95.

"We got one of these bad boys." - Alyssa-Jane Ivery, Membership Manager.

Image: Kitchen Warehouse.

Grumpy Bee Manuka Honey, $46.90.

"Six jars of my favourite honey from a small Tassie producer - because if I'm going to be locked in my flat, I'm going to eat well!" - Siobhan Moran-McFarlane, Executive Producer of The Quicky.

Image: Grumpy Bee.


Scrumpets Original, $12.

"Scrumpets!! So yummy." - Madeleine Balkwell, Senior Content Executive.

Image: Scrumpets.

Kapri Orange Twist and Sky High Ring, both $20.

"These rings because they make me happy." - Genevieve Maslin, Social Media Account Manager.

Image: Kapri.


Asics GEL-Nimbus 23, $240.

"And new runners for the thousands of walks." - Genevieve Maslin, Social Media Account Manager.

Image: The Iconic.

Disney+, $11.99 a month.

"Disney+ in theory for my three-and-a-half-year-old so we can help the afternoon pass after using our single daily exercise up in the morning. But actually, so I can watch STARZ." - Hannah Mansur, Head of Consumer Revenue.

Scalp Massager Soft Silicone Head Scrubber, $7.69.

"This scalp brush. I'm pretty sure the entire Mamamia Strategy team and my mum have now also bought it." - Andi McDermott, Strategy Manager.

Image: Amazon.


Soulara, various plans available.

"I got some of these meals for when I knew I wouldn't give a toss about cooking during lockdown. They have saved my lazy arse multiple times." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Soulara.

Bennett St Dairy Cookie Dough, $12.

"I've also had a cookie daily. Correction: a boujee cookie a day. I ordered a whole heap of Bennett St Dairy cookie dough and GOOD LORD my life has changed for the better." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Bennett St Dairy.


Quay Australia Herringbone Drip Necklace, $75.

"I got this necklace because we're on so many Zoom meetings again I figured I needed something to make my sweatshirts and tanks pop." - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle.

Image: Supplied.

Nike Renew In-Season TR 10, $110.

"I bought sneakers, and they're awesome, and I love them and I would buy them again!" - Rikki Waller, Strategic Partnerships Manager.

Image: The Iconic.


Bed Threads Build Your Own Bundle, starting at $336.

"Massive splurge: a new set of bed linen. I'll be spending more time in bed and linen is so bloody nice." - Lucy Neville, Production Manager and co-host of The Undone.

Image: Bed Threads.

Bundlfresh, Northern Beaches.

"I'm doing my shopping from here as it's a local small business that allows for online shopping from your local shops (think local butcher, baker, deli, grocer, etc)." - Anna Anderson, Research team.


Image: Bundlfresh.

Muscle Motion 1kg Rubber Hex Dumbells, $7 for a set.

"I bought these for training."

Image: Gym Direct.


Medley Fundamental Chain in Gold, $149.

"I got this necklace when I realised I'd be in lockdown on my birthday - I needed a treat!" - Madeleine Balkwell, Senior Content Executive.

Image: Medley.

Aumia Sucré Ring, $52.

"... and this ring." - Madeleine Balkwell, Senior Content Executive.

Image: Aumira.


Strucket, $59.95.

"So boring but I was influenced by Leigh Campbell to get Struckets and I don't know how I lived without them. They make laundry ten times easier." - Emmeline Peterson, Podcast Producer.

Image: Strucket.

Starward Whisky Negroni, $49.

"I got these Melbourne-made cocktails because it takes the effort out of making a nice drink. I love negronis, while my boyfriend loves whisky, so these are perfect." - Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Starward.


Crumpler Art Collective, $249.

"I bought this backpack in the hope that when we come back to work I won't destroy my shoulders carrying my gear to and from my working from home situation." - Renny Beazley, Senior Video Producer.

Image: The Iconic.

FidessCo produce.

"I’ve been supporting this local produce company!" - Alyssa-Jane Ivery, Membership Manager.

Image: FidessCo.


Stitched Up Kits Frida, $42.

"I bought an embroidery kit. You can frame as art when you're done." - Lily Allsep, Audience Development Manager.

Image: Stitched Up Kits.

Spotlight Citrus Digital Printed Cotton Poplin Fabric White, $12 per metre.

"I bought this fabric to make a dress... it probably won't turn out well, but it's something to do." - Andi McDermott, Strategy Manager.

Image: Spotlight.


Sir The Label Editta Bias Dress, $395.

"I bought this dress which I will wear to the celebratory fancy dinner date I will take myself on when this is all over." - Rachael Bell, Video Production Manager.

Image: Sir The Label.

Greed Board Game, $14.99.

"Board games! We got this and it's the most fun, addictive game. It's purely down to the luck of what dice you roll so it's not too competitive, either." - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle. 

Image: Amazon.


Ms Fix-It Head Massager, $5.

"This is so random, but I bought a new head-scratcher (PRIORITIES) because our other one broke." - Erin Docherty, Senior Beauty Writer.

Image: Big W.

Craft Club Check Me Out Rug Making Kit, $89.

"This rug making kit! I love crafting in lockdown... it's my happy place." - Mikayla Floriano, Podcast Producer.

Image: Craft Club.


Spruce Craft Co Sydney Ferry Kit, $30.

"I got this kit from a small business, because… Sydney." - Leah Porges, Podcast Producer.

Image: Spruce Craft Co.

September Studio flowers, starting at $65.

"I'm going to order myself flowers from this local small business." - Lily Allsep, Audience Development Manager.

Image: September Studio.


Cargo Road Wines, starting at $25.

"Also this wine from regional Australia." - Lily Allsep, Audience Development Manager.

Image: Cargo Road Wines.

Bought something you love lately or want to shout out a small business? Share with us in the comments below!

Feautre image: Mamamia.