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Jane Lu on how to build a multi-million dollar business with a humble Instagram account.

Starting a business can be daunting. Even if you’re in love with your own product, will anyone else adore it? How do you get the word out so your stuff gets in the hands of customers and out of your storeroom?

When Showpo founder and CEO Jane Lu was faced with this dilemma she didn’t have the budget for traditional marketing, so she turned to social media.

And that’s exactly the advice she gives other entrepreneurs.

Speaking to Mamamia’s Lady Start Up podcast, Jane says while Facebook was the perfect tool for building her online clothing stores’ brand in 2010, now Instagram is her go-to platform and recommends using it to others.

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“Now, a lot of that’s shifted to Instagram and that’s really driving our international sales,” the 31-year-old tells podcast host Rachel Corbett.

“[In 2018] I would be launching the business on Instagram.”

Jane says Instagram offers business owners so many opportunities to test and generate interest levels before you take the leap and invest all your savings.

“The amazing thing about Instagram is you can test your product. So if you want to find your product mix, if you don’t have a lot of funds, put up photos of samples and see what level of engagement you could get.”

You could even build up that Instagram following for your brand before your first products are for sale, Jane says.


“And from that point, you can build a community to sell to before you’re actually selling the products as well.”

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Jane’s final piece of advice to would-be lady startup owners? “I think you should get out there and do it.”

When it comes to how “in” you should be though, Jane is a little conflicted. On the one hand, if you invest all your money, you could fail and lose all your money. But then again, nothing teaches you a better lesson than failing, Jane reckons.

“I have a university degree, and then I’ve done an entrepreneurship course, and then I’ve had a failed business… and I’ve had a corporate experience – so I’ve tested out all the ways you can grow and learn yourself.

“And I think the failed business has been the best.”

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