Showpo’s Jane Lu is proof of what can happen if you live a life of no ‘what ifs’.

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Showpo’s founder Jane Lu‘s Instagram handle may be @thelazyceo, but in reality she is anything but.

At just 31 years old, the fashion entrepreneur is proof of what can happen if you live a life of no ‘what ifs’.

Rewind less than 10 years ago and Lu was working in corporate finance, unhappy sitting in an office cubicle. Glamorous, it was not.

Her parents, who gave up “everything… their friends, family, jobs” when they emigrated to Australia when she was eight years old, were ecstatic. Lu was bored out of her mind.

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So – without telling her parents – she quit her job to pursue a business idea with a friend. It didn’t go to plan. The friend pulled out soon after and the business folded. It during the time of the GFC, and at 24 years old, Lu saw only one other option – to start another business.

And so in 2010, after Lu found a partner, Showpo was born. In 2016, the company turned over $30 million and last year Lu made the 2017 Financial Review Young Rich List.

“I built the website, that weekend we did the photo shoot and within a few days we started selling,” she says of the early days, speaking to Mamamia in the video in this piece.

We went behind the scenes at Showpo with Lu, whose online fashion store sells “fashionably fun clothes” designed to “bring out the confidence in every girl” in more than 80 countries all over the world.


After taking her leap of faith, Lu is now living what she calls her “dream life”.

“It’s been really amazing because I’ve gone out and pursued my passion and it’s ridiculously paid off,” Lu tells us. “I’m excited to come into work, I love the people I work with.”

She adds: “At the end of the day I would rather have failed at pursuing my passion than been mediocre at something I don’t even care about.”

Despite her initial reservations about telling her parents, they couldn’t be prouder of what Lu has achieved as a result of taking that risk.

“My parents are very happy now, I bought them a car and paid off their mortgage and they were like ‘wow’,” she says.

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To take a leap like Lu, it takes guts. But her advice to everyone is to swallow the fear and jump.

“I would encourage all young women to just get out there and give it a go and pursue their passions because you have one life and and you just need to take control of it,” she says.


What’s the biggest leap of faith you’ve ever taken? Share your stories with us in the comments section below.

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