The practical detail people think they have spotted on Bec Judd's Brownlow dress.

As the WAGS of the AFL parade the most incredible dresses we have ever seen on the Brownlow Red Carpet, we can’t keep our eyes off one dress with what appears to be a practical twist.

Bec Judd’s dress is exquisite.

It is big and grand and purple, and designed by J’Aton Couture.

And it appears to have… pockets?!?

brownlow red carpet 2018
CAN YOU SEE IT?! Image: Instagram.

Naturally, the comments are rich with pocket speculations.

"It has pockets!" wrote one Instagram user.

"Such a beautiful dress and even better, it has pockets" wrote another.

But... we aren't so sure.

We kind of think it might just be, god forbid... a pleat. 

brownlow red carpet 2018
Is that a pleat... It looks like a pleat? Image: Instagram.
brownlow red carpet 2018
Here it looks like a pleat. Image: Getty.
Brownlow red carpet 2018
Yep. No bunched up pockets here. Image: Instagram.

Sorry guys. We do NOT think there are pockets.

But we'll leave #pocketgate up to you.

Wherever you stand on the debate, that is one incredible dress.

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Do you think Bec Judd's dress has pockets? Tell us in the comments.