The moment a 17-year-old Brooke Satchwell was body-shamed by a 'Neighbours' producer.

For Aussie girls who grew up watching Neighbours in the ’90s Brooke Satchwell’s character, Anne Wilkinson, was something of a mythical being.

Not only did she manage to look flawless in her maroon high school uniform, but she got the grades to go to art school AND her life-long romance with her cute neighbour Billy was the stuff teenage dreams are made of.

Crying. Source: Channel 10

Unfortunately, creating the picture perfect world of Ramsay St wasn't always easy on the young actors pretending to live there.

Speaking on GOLD 104.3's Jo & Lehmo show this morning, Satchwell recalled overhearing a producer of the show criticise her appearance after shooting a particularly uncomfortable scene.


She was just 17 at the time.

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It was the middle of winter and she was pretending to cry while running under a rain machine with a wetsuit hidden under her clothes for warmth - AKA the Logie winner was not looking her best.

"I had to run down a road, I was crying, we had rain machines. I had a wet suit under a very pink top. I'm running there crying, boogers, the whole thing," the now 36-year-old told the radio hosts.

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It was a big finale episode and the actors were allowed to watch the footage back before it went to air.

"I was sitting in front of the producers," Satchwell said.

"And I hear the producer sitting behind me going, 'she could look a little more attractive.'

"I was 17 years old... you run in a rain machine with a wet suit on under your clothes!"

Brooke Satchwell. Source: Getty

It's not the first time the actress has spoken about 'body-shaming', in 2015 she teamed up with the Butterfly Foundation for their body-positive "Don't DIS my appearance campaign".