Is Britney Spears driving around Sydney in a bus this week? Yes and no.

A casual Sunday in Australia quickly turned into a moment of screaming, crying and throwing up for fans of the incomparable Britney Spears, as it was reported the pop singer would be coming to Sydney to hand out her memoir.

Food and culture website Concrete Playground claimed Sunday afternoon that Britney would be visiting our humble shores on Wednesday 25 October to drive around the Harbour in a Britney-themed bus, before "the singer herself will hand out books" for her anticipated memoir, The Woman In Me.

I mean, this would be HUGE, like a shift in the tetonic plates huge. Britney has not done any press for her memoir and the singer has not attended any sort of public engagements in several years. 

This begs the question: why on earth would she pick Australia, a country she hasn't visited since 2009, to break this tradition? Why not, say New York, London, or Tokyo? 

Well it turns out, she hasn't picked Sydney to make her return to the spotlight. 

Britney Spears is not coming to Sydney. She is not driving around in a bus. She ain't even coming to Australia.

The Daily Mail have poured cold water on Concrete Playground's report (and our hopes and dreams), by confirming that it will be a Britney impersonator and not the very famous woman. 

So yes: there will be a Britney-themed bus and a Britney will be handing out The Woman In Me

It just won't be The Britney. 


For fans keen for a free book and to catch a glimpse of the Britney bus, the impersonator will be arriving at midday on Wednesday near the Sydney Opera House.

And for all the confused people who have been following this story, Concrete Playground have since altered their original post "to reflect the correct details". 

"Oops, we didn't receive the right information about the Australian launch for Britney Spears' memoir," the website wrote. "We're as devastated as you are." 

Devastated is one word for it. Also... just baffled.

Britney has famously said she has no aspirations to ever work again. Aside from lending her vocals to the occasional song, she mostly just keeps to herself, films dancing videos, sharing updates directly with fans on Instagram. 

“I’m pretty traumatised for life," she wrote on Instagram in 2022. "I probably won’t perform again just because I’m stubborn and I will make my point.”

But with or without Britney Spears, the memoir is expected to be jam-packed full of sordid details from Britney's rise from teenage girl to pop music icon to controversial figure. 

Excerpts shared have already revealed that Justin Timberlake dumped Britney over a text message, she claimed her father Jamie body-shamed her, and spoke about a random fling with Colin Farrell.  

Feature image: Getty.

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