A bride has treated her bridesmaids to the greatest gift of all - a dress with POCKETS.


Bridesmaid dresses, to quote Marie Kondo if I may, are known very well for… not sparking much joy.

In fact – it’s long been speculated that some bridezillas actually go out of their way to choose an unflattering gown in order to ensure their bridal party do not upstage them on their big day.


And while we’re sure many a bridesmaid out there has feigned an excited smile on catching a glimpse of themselves in their bridesmaids dress for the first time, a wedding party in the UK has gone viral for a very unique reason.

The dress. had. POCKETS.


Pockets for SNACKS, tissues, lipstick, nunchucks, you name it.

All the tiny things you may need at a wedding, that your run-of-the-mill dress just isn’t equipped to carry.

“My friend got married last month and her dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses HAD POCKETS,” tweeted bridesmaid Nell Goddard, alongside a photo of the bridal party with, you guessed it, their hands comfortably slid in said pockets.

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My friend got married last month and her dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses ALL HAD POCKETS.

And yes, we did use them for storing snacks, thank you for asking.

— Nell Goddard (@alianoree) January 23, 2019

Bride Eve Paterson had insisted on the design, explaining the practical choice stemmed from the double standard she identified in women’s fashion:

“You’d never expect to hire suits for guys and then ‘add pockets’ as an extra, so the idea that women have to do it is insane,” she told the Daily Mail.

“Women’s clothing simply doesn’t empower women as much as it should.”

She tweeted her own image of the genius design:


“Pockets are such a tiny issue in comparison to the oppression of women globally, but I think it plays into a much deeper misconception that women should look good rather than be practically equipped – but why should we have to choose?” Eve continued.

Tiny issue or not, the move has highlighted that our love for dresses with pockets isn’t dissipating anytime soon.

Bridesmaid Nell’s initial tweet has gone viral, with over 14,000 people liking it and almost 3,000 retweeting it, along with hundreds of women praising the pockets in the comments.

What can we say? Us ladies just can’t bloody resist a pocket.