Skin-crawling video of Serena Williams and ex Brett Ratner emerges after harassment allegations.

Yesterday, another Hollywood name was added to the seemingly never-ending list of powerful filmmaking figures who have been accused of sexual harassment.

Six women came forward with allegations that 48-year-old film producer and director Brett Ratner – who once formed a production company with Australian billionaire James Packer – had sexual harassed and assaulted them.

Actress Olivia Munn, 37, told the Los Angeles Times Ratner masturbated in front of her while she was delivering a meal to his trailer on the set of 2004 film After The Sunset.

“He walked out…with his belly sticking out, no pants on, shrimp cocktail in one hand and he was furiously masturbating in the other,” she said.

“And before I literally could even figure out where to escape or where to look, he ejaculated.”

Another actress – Natasha Henstridge – claimed she was just 19 when Ratner forced her to give him oral sex before she was able to leave his house after falling asleep on the couch watching a movie with a group of friends.

Now, a clip of Brett Ratner that featured on Venus and Serena Williams’ 2005 reality series, Venus and Serena: For Real, is making the rounds online, highlighting the director’s strange behaviour.

brett ratner serena williams 2004
Serena Williams and Brett Ratner dated between 2004 and 2006. Image via Getty Images.

Tennis champion Serena Williams and Brett Ratner dated between 2004 and 2006, the time when a lot of the alleged assaults took place.

Sitting with Serena, Ratner makes inappropriate comments and continues to make physical advances towards her, despite her obvious discomfort.


"Give me some love... show me that you care," he can be heard saying, grabbing Serena's hand as she pulls away.

"Can you stop... can you watch my sister play please? You're being very disturbing," Serena says, as she attempts to cheer on her older sister.

"Sexy legs! Sexy legs!" Ratner cheers by way of encouragement.

Serena then appears to break up with Ratner, telling him she "wants to see other people".

"It's too bad it didn't work out between us," she says, before Ratner jokes, "Is this the breakup episode?"

"They don't do this on Nick and Jessica's show," he says, grabbing Serena's face and attempting to kiss her.

As Serena appears to break-up with Brett, he leans in for a kiss and grabs her face. Image via Twitter.

As uncomfortable as the video is, some fans were more unsettled by the fact that just 10 years ago, Ratner's behaviour wasn't deemed unusual or inappropriate.


A statement issued on behalf of Ratner by his lawyer said he "vehemently denies the outrageous derogatory allegations that have been reported about him".

"[He is] confident that his name will be cleared once the current media frenzy dies down and people can objectively evaluate the nature of these claims," the statement said.

According to Variety, Ratner has also filed a defamation suit in Hawaii federal court against a woman who wrote a Facebook post referring to him as a "rapist" last week.

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