Actresses share disturbing allegations of sexual harassment against filmmaker Brett Ratner.

News feeds have been flooded with the words “allegations of sexual harassment” ever since The New York Times’ expose on disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Women – and some men – from Hollywood and around the world have been sharing their experiences of sexual harassment at the hands of powerful men for one reason: to stop the behaviour continuing.

The latest to come under fire is filmmaker and director Brett Ratner, who started a production company RatPac Entertainment with Australian businessman James Packer in 2012.

Six women have come forward and accused the Hollywood heavyweight – a man who’s been involved in smash hits including Rush Hour, X-Men, The Revenant, and Horrible Bosses – of sexual harassment and assault.

Natasha Henstridge said she was 19 when she fell asleep watching a movie on Ratner’s couch – one of a group of friends who were hanging out for the evening. She woke up to find everyone gone and alleges Ratner blocked her as she tried to leave.

The now 43-year-old actress told the Los Angeles Times he stood in the doorway and began masturbating. Henstridge alleges the film producer forced her to give him oral sex before permitting her to leave his apartment.

On behalf of Ratner, his attorney Martin Singer, denies Henstridge’s story.

Natasha Henstridge, Brett Ratner and Olivia Munn. Images via Getty.

Actress Olivia Munn - best known for her roles in X-Men, Date Night, and Iron Man - described an alleged incident when she was assisting on the 2004 film After the Sunset with Ratner was directing.


She alleges the now 48-year-old filmmaker masturbated in front of her when she delivered him a meal in his trailer - she was told beforehand he wouldn't be there.

"He walked out ... with his belly sticking out, no pants on, shrimp cocktail in one hand and he was furiously masturbating in the other," Munn, 37, said. "And before I literally could even figure out where to escape or where to look, he ejaculated."

She also responded to false rumours that Ratner and her had sex. She claimed Ratner began telling people this after she accused him of sexual harassment.

"It feels as if I keep going up against the same bully at school who just won't quit," she said. "You just hope that enough people believe the truth and for enough time to pass so that you can't be connected to him anymore."

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Actress Jaime Ray Newman alleges Ratner sat next to her on an Air Canada flight and spent the entire trip telling her in graphic detail how he wanted to give her oral sex. He also showed her nude photographs of his girlfriend at the time.

Newman told the Los Angeles Times she was shaken by the experience and told a number of friends and family as soon as she got off the plane - all of whom confirmed her story. Ratner denied it.

Model and singer Eri Sasaki was 21 and working on the set of Rush Hour 2 when Ratner allegedly approached her, groped her and asked if she wanted to go to the bathroom with him. "Don't you want to be famous?" he asked her when she said 'no'.

Jorina King, who also worked as a background actress on Ratner's films, told the Los Angeles Times she was offered a speaking part during the production of Rush Hour 2 on one condition: That she show Ratner her breasts.

"I figured if I could stay out of his eyesight, if I could stay away from him, he would forget about me and he would choose someone else," King said. "And that is exactly what happened."

The Times also spoke with the production assistant on the set of Rush Hour 2 Kent Richards, who said many actresses complained of Ratner asking them to show him their breasts, or requesting that they touch his penis.

All of these allegations have been denied by Ratner, via his solicitor.

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