Brent Draper just won $250,000 on MasterChef Australia. Here's what he plans to do with it.

The final episode for MasterChef Australia 2023 saw Brent Draper take home the cooking crown and $250,000 in prize money. 

The 32-year-old chef, who is a former tradie, undoubtedly has a spectacular culinary career ahead of him and with a quarter of a million in prize money, Draper has big plans. 

But first, he wants to treat himself. 

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Video via Network 10.

The chef was formerly in season 13 before he left to prioritise his mental health. The fan favourite returned two years later for season 15. 

The prize money is definitely going to come in handy, given he also announced he and his wife are expecting their second child together!

And as he plans for his future, Draper told Yahoo Lifestyle he is allowing himself "one fun" purchase. 

"It's an absurd amount of money to think about what you're gonna do [with]," he reflected.

Brent Draper has won MasterChef Australia 2023. Image: Network 10.


"Look, the wife’s laid down a law – I can only buy one fun thing with it, which will be my boat because I’m a mad fisherman. 

"So I've been allowed a certain amount of money, and then the rest will obviously go to investments and a cookbook. That’s one of the things that I want to work hard on straightaway."

His upcoming cookbook is a challenge he's never taken on before, but one he is ready for. Draper explained it will be a "tie between mental health and barbeque food."

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"I want to push the message that I've always pushed and just keep the conversation open," he continued. 

"If I can do it in a tasteful way, it would be such a great present to give someone who you think is struggling a little bit.

"Maybe it might have a mental health toolbox in the back, maybe stories of chefs and dishes, or just average people with stories that people can relate to, and then maybe they cook a dish with me or something like that. I just want something that's very relatable and can open up a conversation. 

"I’ve been put in this position and I need to keep pushing the fight against the stigma around mental health."

Feature Image: Network 10/ Instagram @brentdraper_.