Breastmilk the movie is coming to a cinema near you.

There’s a new movie coming to a cinema near you, about breasts. Or more specifically, about breast milk.

American actress and producer Ricki Lake has made a new documentary about breastmilk – and if you ask us, it’s kind of refreshing to see breasts featured so prominently in a movie, without being reduced to tools of titillation.

The film covers the discussion about breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, but it doesn’t turn it into a debate where bottle feeding is pitted against breastfeeding. Instead, the film just talks to its interview subjects, and lets them express their opinions about wet nurses, work-place pumping, gay parents, and everything in-between.

Just have a look at the trailer.

Lake told People magazine, “There are so many forces in our culture that make breastfeeding a huge challenge – not the least of which is a bizarre public anxiety around exposed breasts!”

She also made it clear that the film wasn’t trying to convey a ‘breast is best’ message. Lake explains it’s not a “a pro-breastfeeding manifesto, but more of a keenly-observed examination of the obstacles so many mothers face when attempting to nurse their babies.”

“People want a clear message that is easily digested and the beauty of this film is that it shows the messy reality of the situation without pushing an agenda.”

“My hope is that the film gives the world a deeper and more compassionate insight into the challenges and joys of breastfeeding,” says Lake.

A scene from Breastmilk the movie.

The film also sparked a debate about the almost taboo nature of breastfeeding – perhaps without meaning to – with their supposedly ‘graphic’ poster. People magazine labelled the Breastmilk trailer NSFW; a decision that probably feels quite offensive to anyone who has breastfed their children.

As Lake explains in her interview with People, “The filmmaker, Dana Ben-Ari, chose to use some very graphic and playful images of lactating breasts… To me, those shots feel humorous and celebratory from a feminist perspective. We hope that brings positive attention to the film and incites awe and wonder at the capabilities of the female body!”

“The focus of this film is on new parents and their intimate experiences. I think both nursing and formula-feeding mothers will whole-heartedly relate to the film and society will gain a new appreciation for the intricacies around the lactating breast.”

Breastmilk doesn’t yet have an Australian release – but we’ll keep you informed of the due date.

Would you see the movie? 

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