This woman's beautiful photos of mothers make a lot of people angry.

When this photographer shared an image of nude mum’s breastfeeding their babies on Facebook, they didn’t censor her. We did. 

Jade Beall is passionate about photographing and celebrating bodies of diversity. Particularly, the beautiful and very real bodies of postpartum mothers.

The mother of one regularly shares un-photoshopped images of mum’s posing nude with their newborns on Facebook. Often they’re breastfeeding, but Jade always abides by the site’s rules and censors the nipples.

Except this time she didn’t.

So when Jade posted the below image and forgot to blur out ONE of the nipples, someone reported her to Facebook.

The image of breastfeeding mothers that was reported on Facebook. Image via Jade Beall’s Facebook page.

The post had received plenty of positive feedback with over 3,000 shares and 9,000 likes but it also included cruel comments and was eventually reported.

No stranger to being banned by the social media site, Jade acted quickly by removing the image and replaced it with the offending nipple blurred out.

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Following the incident she said it wasn’t Facebook’s fault for what transpired, but rather the public’s discomfort with women celebrating imperfect bodies.

“When we see a woman with the untypical body type feeling empowered and vulnerable to pose for an artist, it’s like somehow I break the rules of what is acceptable for how much skin a woman ‘should’ show,” the photographer told The Huffington Post.

“And to show her allowing her breasts to be used in a completely un-sexualised manner, that really rocks the boat.”

To see more of Jade Beall’s beautiful images, click-through the gallery below…

In a statement included with the replaced image, Jade wrote:

I took this photo to celebrate women. NOT to say this is how women should or shouldn’t breastfeed. THIS IS MY ART. This is how I want to make a photograph. This is a CELEBRATION of un-photoshopped skin and shapes and of divine sisterhood.

The women in this photo posed for me because they trust me and desire freedom from self-loathing and are searching to heal their stories of not being good enough. Because they want to learn to love the skin they are in and they want YOU to feel SEEN too. Yes, YOU! We are all unique and beautiful and different and we are all made of the stuff of LOVE.

Jade said she was originally inspired to photograph postpartum mothers after giving birth herself. The photographer explained that she had re-visited a place of self-loathing after becoming a mum and wanted to empower other women who might feel the same.

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“I have a particular fondness for women who’ve just given birth and are left with these very different looking bodies from when you started… and I wanted to inspire others to put your bikini on, go to the pool, you too are beautiful!” she told Huff Post Live.

Couldn’t agree more, Jade. The more we celebrate bodies of diversity, the more women will be able to accept their own.