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judymac December 30, 2021

I would say "Brava" to Professor Marylouise McLaws for her epidemiological analysis and measured media responses to the Covid 19 viral infiltration into Australian society.   Her calmness, accompanied by scientific savvy, kept us informed and knowledgeably armed regarding the national virus escalation.   Thank you Professor McLaws.

judymac August 1, 2021

Best article ever!  Moved me to tears.  

Thank you to all of the medical and health professionals who, 24/7, care for others, especially in these Covid 19 riddled times.  

Remember to care for yourselves - without you, the general community would be lost and vulnerable.  

judymac February 25, 2021

The year was 1990 - I wore a pink satin wedding gown, (as pink was and is my favourite colour), our bridesmaids wore black and gold satin gowns with my dog bridal party colour co-ordinated.  The date was a week after the Carnival of Flowers festival in my hometown of Toowoomba, so the floral influences of the Spring season were evident in my choices.  My husband's reaction to my alternative bridal style, "Ewwwww - you wore pink!"    

judymac February 14, 2021

Your story deserves more than an "article" - an autobiography could be an extension of this beautiful, heartfelt, succinct rendition of your married life and beyond.   

judymac October 5, 2020

I hear you ..... I see you ..... I feel your pain.   Ignorant people have no understanding of a child with a frontal lobe neuro-transmitting disorder, which manifests primarily in behavioural symptoms.  An uninformed response is usually targeted with the 'poor parenting' analogy.  Most loving parents of ADHD children are incredibly informed, highly strategised in their approaches and focused on positive outcomes.  We are well researched and professionally guided by qualified medical / health professionals.   As my now ADHD adult son re-iterates - "The greatest  minds of our times usually have some mental condition."  Unlock the possibilities and they will thrive - their way.   You are their passage to achievement.  Let their "uniqueness" prevail and shine with your attentive, devoted counsel.

Judy McNelley February 18, 2015

Intimate - beautiful - natural - mothering - nurturing - love.