Whether you want to laugh or cry: Just 10 of the best breakup movies to watch on Stan.


Firstly, we can all agree that breakups are some of the hardest times in our lives. We hurt, we sob, we look for comfort.  And there are few better ways to find it than by crawling up in bed to escape through a movie.

So whether you need to laugh, cry or channel your rage (or you know someone who does), we’ve put together a list of the 10 breakup films on Stan.

Blue Valentine

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There’s a reason this one is at the top of the list, and that’s because it’s the perfect film for the crying phase. You know, when your friends want you to go out and grab a drink, but you’d much prefer to stay in bed and have a good cry? This is the movie for that moment.

By watching Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling’s complicated love unfold, it will reassure you that real relationships don’t always have a happy, Hollywood ending (like every other rom-com out there). But be prepared for the waterworks.

Legally Blonde

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Now, time for something much more upbeat, funny and seriously empowering for the ladies. Legally Blonde is an all-time classic and seriously one of the best breakup movies.

Watching Elle Woods go through a breakup is not only #relatable but then to get into Harvard Law School and dominate, will remind you that you can do it all on your own.

Sliding Doors

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As that saying goes, "When one door opens, another one closes." Yes, we understand how cliche that sounds but it really is because it's true.

Gwenyth Paltrow in Sliding Doors will remind you that sometimes getting rid of a bad relationship is the best possible thing. And usually, there is something 10 times better around the corner.

Kill Bill

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Now, a movie for the angry phase.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill is the film for when you feel like you want to hit someone or something. Watching her seek out revenge might make you want to do the same, but just remember: it's a just movie.

He's Just Not That Into You

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"He's just not that into you" might sound a bit harsh, but sometimes it's nice to know you're not alone.

Especially, when you see the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore dealing with the same lousy relationship problems as the rest of us.

Silver Lining's Playbook

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Firstly, Bradley Cooper in this film will show you exactly how not to act after a breakup. He's obsessive and can't see that there is something great right in front of him.

But once he finally opens up his eyes, the unlikely relationship that is formed between him and Jennifer Lawrence comes with dark humour and reassurance that you're not the only one suffering from a broken heart.

Sex and the City: The Movie

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This movie needs little explanation for why it's so good post-breakup, but to put it simply: the power of female friendships.

Watching Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda help Carrie move on from her disastrous pre-wedding breakup will remind you that a few cosmos and a great chat with your girlfriends is all you need.

13 Going on 30

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13 Going on 30 (which you may know as Suddenly 30 from its Aussie cinema release) is a timeless feel-good movie for when you're ready for a pick-me-up. There is something about Jennifer Garner playing a 13-year-old who magically becomes an adult that'll warm your insides.


And how can you not love the iconic Thriller dance scene?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

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Yes, this film is technically a rom-com.

But please, who doesn't love to see Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey on screen together? Especially, when Kate Hudson is doing everything we're told not to do in a relationship.

Basically, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days is a good choice, no matter what you're going through and we suggest you watch it immediately.



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We had to include a musical number because what better way to make you laugh after a breakup than a bit of sing-a-long?

The all-star cast, including the gorgeous Zac Efron, will have you wanting to go out, see your friends and go dancing, immediately.

Which one will you be watching? Let us know in the comments below.

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