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The break-up text we don't know whether to laugh or cry about.

You’ve probably seen and read some pretty awful break-up texts over the years, heck, maybe you’ve even received one. But this recent gem has to take the cake for the most hilarious and confusing of all text message break-ups.

Amy Nelmes, a travel editor at ninemsn, shared this screen shot from a message her friend received after dating a guy for seven weeks of serious, long term true love.

If you’re not convinced that this guy is a bit too much to handle yet, his sign-off was even better,

“I feel it would be difficult for me to change you into the woman I want and [I] don’t need that hassle. I wish you all the best for your journey.” He wrote.

Our thoughts are with Amy’s no doubt heartbroken friend. There are plenty more fish in the sea.


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