The world thinks Brad Pitt's face looked way too young at last night's Golden Globes.


Celebrated sexy man Brad Pitt has shocked the world by looking even more attractive and youthful than any of us thought possible at the Golden Globes last night.

Pitt, 52, presented an award with fellow pretty boy Ryan Gosling, 35, and his smooth visage made him look roughly of a similar vintage to Gosling, his Big Short co-star.

Watch the Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling at the Golden Globes… post continues after video.

It was just too much sexy for the world to handle. We became indignant.

“From which fount of youth has Pitt been drinking?” we questioned.

“Which of his myriad children has he promised to the devil?” we demanded.


It was suggested that Benjamin Button was, in fact, a documentary and that Pitt would soon return to the foetal position. It was whispered that perhaps there was something not quite natural about Brad Pitt’s countence. Pitt sported a smooth-shaven face and a haircut that was dangerously close to Channing Tatum’s. He looked good. A little… too good.


Personally, I think Brad Pitt looks exactly how a handsome man with great bone structure would at age 52.

If you compare him to his younger self, he now looks much older. The problem is that he’s significantly better-looking than most of us, so at age 52 is still bringing it, face-wise.

So, to Brad Pitt’s face, shine on you gorgeous fool. May you be unnaturally youthful for many more years to come.

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