A person posted a photo of their dad on Reddit and the internet is losing its damn mind.

There are celebrity doppelgangers, who are rare and, honestly, freaky enough.

And then there’s this guy:

Guess who. (Image via Reddit/jonjoshelvy.)

A Reddit user has posted an image of what he claims to be an old photo of his father, and suggested that he looks like a mixture of two male actors.

Any guesses?

Well, poster Jonjoshelvy thinks he looks a lot like Brad Pitt and Elijah Wood.

And boy, is he spot on with that assessment.

Starting a thread simply titled, "My dad looked kinda like a mix between Brad Pitt and Elijah Wood," the Reddit user found that most commenters agreed with the description of his father's old photo.

Many used the opportunity to share their best movie mash-up lines.


"For real... Looks like Tyler Durdan found the ring," commented one, referencing Wood's Lord of The Ring's character and Pitt's iconic role in Fight Club.

"Lord of the Fight Club," added another, while someone else chimed in with, "The Inglorious Sunshine of the Basterd Mind."

Brad Pitt and Elijah Wood. (Image via Getty)

Others wondered what the man might look like in 2017.

"Can we see what Daddy Brad Wood looks like today? Is he half rugged Brad and half never ageing Elijah?"

"I kinda feel jealous of your mum," wrote one Redditor, to which Jonjoshelvy replied, "My dad chuckled at your comment."

Although some commenters have queried the legitimacy of the image, I, for one, am hoping it is real and that there is a 60-something "Bralijah Pood" out there living his life.